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10 Best Social Anxiety Anime Like Silent Voice (Updated 2024)

Top 10 Picks To Tackle Social Phobia

Social anxiety, or social phobia, is a prevalent mental health issue marked by intense fear and self-consciousness in social situations. Social anxiety Anime has become a potent tool in addressing mental health, with creators exploring conditions like social anxiety.

Those affected may struggle with judgment fears, sweating, trembling, and nausea, hindering everyday interactions. Shows like “A Silent Voice” have gained acclaim for sensitively depicting social anxiety through relatable characters and heartwarming stories, contributing to breaking stigmas around these challenges.

Social Anxiety Anime Like Silent Voice

Komi-San Wa, Comyushou Desu

komi cant communicate anime

Rating: 7.89

Anime Studio: OLM

Anime Genre: Romance, High School, Comedy

Komi Can’t Communicate is a well-loved anime series featuring Komi Shouko, a high school girl who faces the challenge of communicating with others. 

Komi struggles with social anxiety, and her primary means of interaction is through writing. Despite her difficulties, Komi is determined to make 100 friends.

Watch Komi Can't Communicate On:  Netflix

WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular!

Social Anxiety Anime WataMote

Rating: 6.99

Anime Studio: Silver Link

Anime Genre: Otaku Culture, High School, Comedy

“WataMote,” a comedy anime that explores the awkward escapades of Kuroki Tomoko, a socially anxious high schooler yearning for popularity. Tomoko’s comically misguided attempts to fit in unveil her insecurities, providing a relatable yet cringeworthy narrative.

Despite social stumbles, Tomoko’s resilience shines, making her an endearing and root-worthy protagonist. Dive into the charm of this anime that effortlessly balances humor and heartfelt moments.

Watch WataMote On: Crunchyroll 


Social Anxiety Anime Shy Anime

Rating: 6.70

Anime Studio: 8Bit

Anime Genre: Action, Drama, Super Power

Meet “Shy,” an anime delving into social anxiety and self-doubt against the backdrop of a world teetering on the brink of a third World War. Teru “Shy” Momijiyama, Japan’s young heroine with superpowers, faces the mysterious threat Amalareiks.

As she bands together with fellow heroes, the series explores themes of courage, vulnerability, and the quest for connection. Join Shy on a journey that goes beyond superpowers, unraveling the human struggles beneath.

Watch Shy On:  Crunchyroll

Stardust Telepath

Social Anxiety Anime Stardust Telepath

Rating: 7.02

Anime Studio: Studio Gokumi

Anime Genre: Girl love, Supernatural, High School

Stardust Telepath, a charming slice-of-life anime. Umika Konohoshi, a shy high schooler battling social anxiety, finds solace when she encounters Akeuchi Yu, an extraterrestrial mind-reader.

Their special connection helps Umika break free from social barriers, revealing the magic of true connection. Join Umika on her journey to conquer social fears, forging friendships and embracing acceptance.

Watch Stardust Telepath On:  Crunchyroll

Wonder Egg Priority

Social Anxiety Anime Wonder Egg Priority

Rating: 7.61

Anime Studio: Clover Works

Anime Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Psychological

“Wonder Egg Priority,” a psychological anime that tackles social anxiety’s impact on young women. Ai Ooto, grappling with isolation and grief, guided by a mysterious force, embarks on a surreal journey to aid others in overcoming inner demons.

As Ai faces her fears, the series unfolds a poignant exploration of human emotion, resilience, and self-discovery. “Wonder Egg Priority” is a thought-provoking anime, delving into the complexities of life’s challenges with a touch of mystery and emotion.

Watch Wonder Egg Priority On:  Crunchyroll

A Sign of Affection

Rating: 8.32

Anime Studio: Ajia-do

Anime Genre: Romance, Workplace

Yuki Itose, a university student cloaked in the hush of hearing impairment, finds her world subtly shifting when she meets Itsuomi Nagi, a silver-haired charmer with eyes that speak volumes. Unfazed by her silence, he opens doors to his vibrant world, filled with foreign languages and boundless curiosity. As their interactions blossom, Yuki feels a flicker of hope, a sign of affection that pierces her quiet solitude.

With Itsuomi by her side, Yuki tiptoes out of her comfort zone, social anxiety fading with each shared laugh and whispered secret. This lighthearted, romantic comedy whispers a sweet tale of overcoming silence and finding love in the most unexpected places. For Yuki, A Sign of Affection is a journey of blooming self-discovery, proving that even the quietest hearts can find their voice and echo with joy.

Watch A Sign of Affection On:  Crunchyroll

Hitori Bocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu

Social Anxiety Anime Hitori Bocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu

Rating: 7.48

Anime Studio: C2C

Anime Genre: High School, Comedy

‘Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu,’ an social anxiety anime that explores the challenges of Bocchi Hitori, a girl battling severe social phobia. In middle school, her only friend, Kai Yawara, cuts ties, pushing Bocchi to make friends with her entire class.

From fainting to crafting intricate plans to dodge social situations, Bocchi’s relatable struggles make this anime an endearing tale of connection and growth.

Watch Hitori Bocchi No Marumaru Seikatsu On:  Crunchyroll


Social Anxiety Anime Amanchu

Rating: 7.24

Anime Studio: J.C.Staff

Anime Genre: Slice Of Life, Iyashikei, High School

Nestled in the scenic Izu seaside town, Amanchu! unfolds a heartwarming slice-of-life anime. Follow Futaba Ooki, a reserved Tokyo girl adjusting to life with relatives. Her encounter with the spirited Hikari Kohinata opens a gateway to scuba diving’s wonders.

Guided by Hikari’s zest and the underwater marvels, Futaba transforms into a more confident and outgoing individual, embracing new experiences and forging lasting friendships. Dive into the beauty of Amanchu! as it navigates the journey of self-discovery and meaningful connections.

Watch Amanchu On:  Crunchyroll

Senryu Girl

Social Anxiety Anime Senryu Girl

Rating: 7.38

Anime Studio: Connect

Anime Genre: High School, Rom Com

Meet Nanako Yukino in ‘Senryu Girl’ (Senryu no Joshikōsei), a heartwarming anime capturing the daily life of a shy high schooler who expresses herself through Senryuu, a witty form of Japanese haiku. Despite social anxiety, Nanako builds connections and a sense of belonging with classmates.

The anime’s gentle humor and relatable characters create a delightful and heartwarming viewing experience, making ‘Senryu Girl’ a must-watch for those seeking a charming and emotionally resonant story.

Watch Senryu Girl On:  Crunchyroll

Mob Psycho 100

Social Anxiety Anime Mob Psycho 100

Rating: 8.49

Anime Studio: Bones

Anime Genre: Action, Supernatural, Comedy

‘Mob Psycho 100,’ a compelling anime delving into social anxiety, self-acceptance, and the potency of emotions. Follow Shigeo Kageyama, a modest middle schooler with immense psychic abilities. Battling inner conflicts, Mob teams up with the crafty Reigen Arataka, using his powers for exorcisms.

The anime beautifully explores Mob’s emotional growth, offering a blend of humor, action, and heartfelt moments. A must-watch for those grappling with social anxiety, Mob Psycho 100 crafts a resonant tale of self-discovery and empowerment.

Watch Mob Psycho 100 On:  Crunchyroll


In the vast world of anime, navigating the delicate terrain of social anxiety is an emotional journey we all resonate with. From the heart-wrenching “A Silent Voice” to other hidden gems, these top 10 social anxiety anime picks on our anime list bring to life the struggles and triumphs of characters grappling with social anxiety.

As fellow otaku, we invite you to delve into these captivating narratives, where relatability meets the artistry of animation. Embrace the feels and discover a new dimension of empathy in these compelling tales. Anime has never been this real. If you want more anime recommendation make sure to join our anime discord community.

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