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18 Best Handpicked Supernatural Manhua Recommendations

Supernatural Realms: The 18 Best Manhua Recommendations to Explore!

If you’re in search of supernatural manhua to read, look no further. After sifting through hundreds of manhua titles, we’ve curated a list of the 18 Best Supernatural Manhuas that you definitely don’t want to miss out on. If you’re in a hurry, check out the table of contents or click the conclusion section for the advance table of contents and also don’t forget to bookmark it for later. Here are my top three Supernatural Manhua Recommendations is you don’t want to scroll “Scream Queen,” “The Master of Diabolism,” and “Mint Couples”

18 Best Supernatural Manhua Recommendations

Supernatural manhua is a subgenre that delves into mystical elements like ghosts, demons, and magic. Consider it a blend of fantasy, horror, action, and occasionally romance, all enveloped in a distinctive Chinese comic style (Manhua).

Imagine immersing yourself in a captivating narrative filled with fantastical elements and striking visuals—it’s a thrilling experience indeed. Widely embraced in China and Taiwan, this genre has also garnered a significant following in the West in recent years. So, without further delay, let’s dive in.

Heaven Official’s Blessing 

Heaven Officials Blessing Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt title: Tian Guan Ci Fu
Rating4.44 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+101 Chapters
Magazine Bilibili
GenresBL, Historical Romance,
Supernatural Xianxia 

“Heaven’s Official Blessing” – a supernatural manhua that’s follows Xie Lian, the kind-hearted deity facing a cosmic streak of bad luck. Banished from heaven, he’s now scavenging in the mortal realm. When his return to divinity goes haywire, he’s sent back to deal with a ghost problem. Enter a mysterious man in red, and the plot thickens with unearthed heavenly secrets.

Now, let me gush about the god-tier art! It’s so mesmerizing that I often find myself lost in the visuals. While I’m only 45 chapters in, the setting is diverse, blending Chinese cultivation vibes with unexpected landscapes like a Sahara-inspired locale.

Xie Lian’s journey, laden with promotions, demotions, and a serious lack of worshippers, echoes a sympathetic chord. Picture Yato’s struggles, but in a tamer, BL version. And Hua Cheng? A true jack of all trades, a gentleman to Xie Lian, and that’s just the beginning of this thrilling ride.

The Master of Diabolism 

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt titles: Mo Dao Zu Shi, The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation
Rating4.41 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters259 Chapters
Magazine Kuaikan Manhua 
GenresXianxia, Supernatural,
Martial Arts, BL Romance

Plot: The Master of Diabolism, Follows the enigmatic Wei Wuxian, once the grandmaster of the Demonic Sect, faces betrayal, death, and an unexpected reincarnation. Hated for the chaos he caused, he now inhabits the body of a discarded lunatic taken in by Lan Wangji, his archenemy.

Why should you read this? It’s not just a supernatural manhua; it’s an epic journey. While the story explores the life of Wei Wuxian, a fearless cultivator, the plot takes unexpected turns, keeping you hooked.

Plus, the source material, a Chinese novel with the same name, adds another layer of brilliance. It’s a must-read for manhua enthusiasts, offering a blend of romance, intrigue, and unforgettable characters. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Pixiu’s Eatery, No Way Out 

Pixius Eatery No Way Out Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt title: Pixiu Fanguan, Zhi Jin Bu Chu
Rating4.39 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+140 Chapters
Magazine Bilibili
GenresSupernatural BL, Historical,
Romance Comedy

Plot: Pixiu, an old demon, takes a routine trash run and unexpectedly finds himself with a male ghost in his hands. This ghost, with flawless features and an unnaturally low body temperature, becomes Pixiu’s perfect companion, helping him cope with his own fiery curse.

Swearing to use the ghost only as a bolster, Pixiu faces skepticism as he vows to stay single, claiming that a good wife is just as close as a well-sorted trash bin. Welcome to the hilariously unconventional world of “Pixiu’s Eatery: No Way Out,” also known as “I went dumpster diving for a wife (not).”

Why should you read this manhua: This BL Supernatural manhua has a special place in my heart! The storyline breaks away from clichés, featuring a dragon stuck on Earth and a ghost unable to reincarnate. Follow their amusing journey through battles and personal challenges, all while Pixiu manages his restaurant alongside a cast of quirky employees.

The characters, including the side ones, are fantastic, and the clean and bright art style adds to the charm. From top-notch comedy to heartfelt romance and fluff, there’s nothing to complain about here. “Pixiu’s Eatery” is a precious, therapeutic gem with a love story that can heal hearts, making it a must-read in my book!


Soulmate Supernatural Manhua
Rating4.37 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters40 Chapters
Magazine Kuaikan Manhua
GenresRomance GL, School, 
Supernatural Drama

Plot: ” Soulmate is a captivating supernatural manhua that intertwines love, time travel, and the complexity of relationships. Yu Qi awakens in her high school days after falling asleep beside her girlfriend, Yuanzi, only to realize she has a chance to alter their destinies. Yet, the twist lies in her teenage self inhabiting her adult body, unaware of the future she’s left behind. As they navigate through different timelines, the question looms: Can love triumph over every obstacle?

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: “Soulmate” was a refreshing twist on the typical isekai Yuri narrative. While the plot rushes through the reason for the protagonist’s time-swap, the charm lies in the adorable romance between Yu Qi and Yuanzi.

Despite the basic art, the genuine connection between characters shines, offering a realistic portrayal of relationships. What sets this supernatural manhua apart is its incorporation of real-life issues seamlessly, making it a worthwhile read for fans of GL manga. With well-written characters, realistic interactions, and a balanced pace, “Soulmate” crafts a delightful narrative that’s sure to resonate with any reader.

My Food Looks Very Cute 

My Food Looks Very Cute Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt titles: My Food Seems to Be Very Cute, Wo De Shiwu Kan Qilai Hen Ke Ai
Rating4.22 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+162 Chapters
Magazine Bilibili
GenresGL Fantasy, Supernatural,

“My Food Looks Very Cute,” is a supernatural manhua weaving a tale of a bi-centennial vampire named Maria and a wolf girl named Xinglan. The slow-burn romance aspect is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond the heart-fluttering moments, the narrative explores the duo’s quest to fit into the human society of today, with a quirky twist involving a year’s worth of blood.

With a captivating art style, delightful chibi interludes, and well-developed characters, this manhua scores high across the board. It’s a delightful blend of light-hearted comedy, drama, and a touch of the supernatural, making every Wednesday worth the wait.

Scream Queen

Scream Queen Supernatural Manhua
Rating4.20 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+158 Chapters
Magazine Bilibili
GenresHorror, Supernatural Comedy

Plot: “Scream Queen,” is a manhua that blends comedy and horror in a way that even the faint-hearted can embrace. Meet Zhu Yang, a young woman who, after a night of revelry, wakes up to chaos and a female ghost dangling from her TV—dead! Accused of tormenting the ghost, Zhu Yang protests her innocence, claiming to be as delicate as a flower, with a penchant for screaming when scared. But the ghost, initially thinking Zhu Yang an easy prey, has some unexpected thoughts on the matter.

Why Read “Scream Queen”: Forget the naysayers; those dismissing this manhua are missing out on a supernatural rollercoaster. “Scream Queen” defies the norm, featuring a Class A Mean Girl who not only encounters the supernatural manhua but takes it head-on! Buckle up for a unique twist where the female lead isn’t just wicked but also the strongest character around.

Initial chapters may be a tad confusing, but trust me, the payoff is beyond worth it. With top-tier artwork and a seriously cool main character, Scream Queen has stealthily become my favorite manhua. Don’t let the underrated status fool you; this is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends horror and comedy, leaving you hooked from start to finish.

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Tribulations of Myriad Clans

Tribulations of Myriad Clans Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt title: Wan Zu Zhi Jie
Rating4.13 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+584 Chapters
Magazine AC.QQ
GenresAction Fantasy, Sci Fi, 
Supernatural, Horror

Plot: Embark on a thrilling journey with Su Yu in “Tribulations of Myriad Clans.” His life takes a mysterious turn as haunting dreams of the Myriad Clans hunting him persist for a decade. At 18, Su Long, his father, ventures into battle against the very entities plaguing his son’s nightmares. As time unfolds, Su Yu becomes the harbinger of tribulations for the Myriad Clans, setting the stage for a gripping supernatural tale.

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: While it may unfold at a deliberate pace, the meticulous world-building is a testament to its excellence. Unlike typical manhuas, there are no abrupt power-ups; each character’s growth is explained logically through resource accumulation and learning.

Witness Su Yu’s gradual ascent from a non-OP protagonist to someone capable of facing adversaries from higher realms. The story, marked by strategic deception and sacrifices, adds a unique depth often missed in similar narratives. Don’t miss out on this underrated masterpiece that defies the usual tropes!

Spirit pact 

Spirit Pact Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt titles: Ling Qi, Soul Contract
Rating4.12 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+603 Chapters
Magazine AC.QQ
GenresAction, Supernatural BL

Plot: Yang Jinghua, a down-and-out guy, wakes up a decade younger after a fateful accident. Dreaming of a renewed life, he encounters a mysterious white-haired man, the “Spirit Cleanser,” who drops a bombshell – “You’re already dead.” Intriguingly, he offers Yang a peculiar pact. As their bond deepens, the duo embarks on an extraordinary journey, supporting each other through the twists of fate.

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: Brace yourself for a rollercoaster! Forget any notions of a bromance; Spirit Pact is unapologetically notorious for its exploration of gay and bisexual themes. The author fearlessly delves into unconventional narratives, navigating societal restrictions with a rebellious spirit.

Having devoured Chinese chapters up to 556, I can assure you that the English translations barely scratch the surface. The anime might seem fruity now, but the narrative evolves into a gripping exploration of love and societal expectations. Brace for an engaging ride that transcends the typical manhua experience.

Knight Fantasy Night

Knight Fantasy Night Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt titles: Knight’s Fantasy Night, Qishi Huanxiang Ye
Rating4.12 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters168 Chapters 
Magazine Zhiyin Manke
GenresHistorical Romance, Fantasy,
Supernatural Comedy

Plot: Ling Lin, a timid high school senior, suddenly finds herself transported into the fantastical realm of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, courtesy of a mysterious game disc. Juggling between reality and fantasy, she encounters a breathtaking castle, a courageous young king, a knight born from the lake, the Pope’s illegitimate son, and the ominous Black Duke with his enigmatic Dark Knight. It’s a mesmerizing world, unlike anything she’s ever known.

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: “Knight’s Fantasy Night” transcends the typical isekai trope. It’s not your run-of-the-mill “transported to another world” saga; it’s an intricate masterpiece that defies the norms. The artistry is breathtaking – each frame is a work of visual poetry, enhancing the storyline, characters, and overall ambiance. As a self-proclaimed screenshot enthusiast, I found myself snapping away at the stunning visuals. And oh, the characters!

The dynamics between the lead, Ling Lin, and Arthur are a delightful blend of pranks and comfort, making it a reverse harem with a unique twist. So, if you’re seeking a legendary (yes, that’s intentional) manhua that transcends the ordinary, “Knight’s Fantasy Night” is your golden ticket to an epic and thrilling reading experience.

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Release That Witch

Release That Witch Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt title: Fang Kai Na Ge Nu Wu
Rating4.03 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+552 Chapters
Magazine AC.QQ
GenresIsekai Fantasy, Adventure
Supernatural Harem, 

Plot: A modern engineer thrust into a medieval world, not as a mere commoner, but as a prince! Sounds like a typical isekai, right? Well, not quite. In this fantastical realm, witches wield real magic, a force to be harnessed for progress. Join our protagonist as he navigates through political intrigues, battles demons, and unlocks the secrets of technology on a quest to liberate the magical abilities of these enchanting witches.

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: Now, let me spill the tea on why “Release That Witch” stands out in the realm of Witch-Themed manhua. Having delved into numerous witch-centric stories, this one brings a fresh perspective by throwing our protagonist from a different world into the mix. The unique premise sets it apart, offering a blend of fantasy isekai politics and magical elements.

As for the story, without giving away too much (spoiler alert!), our transmigrated prince faces challenges that go beyond the conventional isekai tropes. The character development is solid, the art is a feast for the eyes with vibrant colors and intricate designs, and the narrative explores political intricacies in a fantasy setting.

If you’re into the politics of fantasy worlds, “Release That Witch” is a must-read. I’ve journeyed through 400 chapters and even delved into the novel—though, fair warning, a controversial twist around chapter 400 might ruffle a few feathers. Dive in, but be ready to navigate some unexpected currents!

The Spirit Queen 

The Spirit Queen Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt titles: Generation’s Queen Ling, Yidai Linghou
Rating4.02 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters45 Chapters 
Magazine Kuaikan Manhua 
GenresHistorical, Drama, Supernatural 

Plot: Meet Zhi Ling, the elusive princess of the Spirit Clan, a group feared for their prophetic powers. In her quest to locate her lost people, she navigates the complex social hierarchy of the human empire, facing resentment for her rapid ascent. Caught in a web of intrigue, Zhi Ling grapples with the enigmatic emperor, controlled by the empress dowager, and a silver-haired man haunting her dreams. Will she master their cunning ways to reclaim her rightful throne?

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: “The Spirit Queen,” a gem among manhuas! First things first, our main character is refreshingly not annoying but rather composed. The ethereal art is a feast for the eyes, even if the male lead may not be everyone’s type. Now, the plot—deception, revenge, betrayal—it’s a psychological rollercoaster that miraculously doesn’t leave you emotionally scarred.

The story’s dark undertones are masterfully balanced, ensuring a gripping narrative without going into an overly bleak territory. Personally, I was hooked after glimpsing the ending, and the character development, especially of the male lead, is a pleasant surprise. It’s a rare historical fiction romance that delivers a compelling plot.

Trust me, This supernatural manhua is an absolute must-read—the best I’ve ever encountered. The unpredictable twists, well-executed drama, and the perfect blend of political, psychological, and historical elements make it a recommendation for all manhua lovers!

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Mint Couple

Mint Couple Supernatural Manhua
Rating3.97 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters123 Chapters
Magazine Kuaikan Manhua
GenresSupernatural Rom-Com

Plot: Embark on a captivating journey with Mint Couple, where the ordinary collides with the extraordinary. As a 19-year-old girl joyfully celebrates her first anniversary, her boyfriend drops a bombshell—his newfound ability to teleport at will, courtesy of a mysterious accident. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride as their relationship takes an unexpected turn, infused with the thrill of the supernatural.

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: Mint Couple isn’t your typical love story—it’s a mesmerizing blend of romance, comedy, and the supernatural. Witness the twists and turns in the lives of a relatable couple grappling with the extraordinary.

The manhua’s unique premise explores the impact of supernatural powers on a budding relationship, promising readers a delightful and spellbinding experience. If you’re craving a fresh take on romance with a dash of the unknown, Mint Couple is the manhua that will leave you eagerly turning each page.

Mr. Zombie 

Mr. Zombie Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt title: Jiang Si Xiansheng
Rating3.96 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+78 Chapters 
Magazine Kuaikan Manhua
GenresSupernatural Fantasy, 
Harem, Action Drama

Plot: 1000 years ago, our protagonist found himself turned into a run-of-the-mill zombie in the midst of an apocalypse. But here’s the twist – instead of succumbing to mindless wandering, he embarked on a journey of relentless self-improvement. Fast forward a millennium, and our once-zombified hero is not only still standing but is now gearing up to rejoin human society. Get ready for a tale of undead resilience and unexpected triumphs!

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: Now, let me drop two words that’ll pique your interest: Zombie Saitama. Yeah, you heard it right – think Saitama, but with a craving for brains. Our main character is not just your average undead; he’s overpowered and seeking the slow life amidst the chaos.

So, if you’re into the thrill of a zombie apocalypse spiced up with a dash of comedic brilliance and an OP protagonist aiming for a chill existence, this supernatural manhua is your next must-read.

The Deathless

The Deathless Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt titles: Endless Twilight, Zhou Ye Lian Mian
Rating3.96 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters92 Chapters
Magazine Kuaikan Manhua
GenresRomance Fantasy,
Mystery, Supernatural

Plot: “The Deathless,” a supernatural manhua that follows an ordinary girl with an extraordinary ability – she can see the death rate of others through her eyes. Despite her troubles, she remains inaccessible to death. When the god of death responds to her call, an unusual dynamic unfolds. What ensues between a girl craving death and a god of death unable to fulfill that desire?

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: This one’s a gem! The plot introduces a fascinating concept, weaving a world where reapers exist, and our protagonist is a peculiar twist on the norm. The revelation of the girl’s identity and the reason behind her unusual powers adds a layer of depth that keeps you hooked.

While the fantasy aspect could use a bit more exploration, the characters, though brief, bring a cute charm to the narrative. The art complements the story beautifully, making “The Deathless” a delightful, magical escape. If you’re up for a short and sweet binge-read with romance, flirting, and a sprinkle of magic, this manhua is definitely worth a shot!

Statue ( The Cursed Sculpture )

Statue The Cursed Sculpture Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt titles: Diao Su, The Cursed Sculpture
Rating3.95 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters148 Chapters
Magazine Kuaikan Manhua
GenresSupernatural Horror Drama 

Plot: The Cursed Sculpture”, Follows Ye Limei, a sculpture student, unwittingly becomes a vessel for a vengeful spirit trapped in a haunting sculpture. As eerie occurrences unfold, Limei discovers the sculpture’s dark secret and harnesses its power for revenge, unleashing a series of supernatural events. However, the satisfaction comes at a cost as the spirit’s malevolence begins to consume her. Get ready for a gripping tale that blurs the lines between art and the supernatural.

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: Sink your teeth into a narrative that’s both thrilling and morally ambiguous. While the story unfolds at a compelling pace, the main character, Ye Limei, grapples with the newfound ability to exact revenge through her sculptures.

The intricate plot, coupled with a unique blend of horror and revenge, keeps you hooked from panel to panel. Just a heads-up, though – be patient with Limei’s character development. The stunning artwork and overall captivating storyline make this manhua a must-read for fans seeking a perfect blend of supernatural intrigue and psychological depth.

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Mortals Of The Doom

The Last Human Moshi Fanren Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt titles: Moshi Fanren, The Last Human
Rating3.95 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+550 Chapters
Magazine AC.QQ
GenresIsekai, Apocalypse, Ecchi,
Supernatural, Action Adventure

Plot: Zuo Tianchen, the last living human in a zombie-ridden city, gets a supernatural second chance. Rewinding a decade, armed with foresight, he vows to safeguard his loved ones and reunite with his lost love. Get ready for a rollercoaster of survival, memory, and determination as Zuo battles through the challenges of a post-apocalyptic world.

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: In “Mortals of the Doom,” experience a triple-threat fusion of zombies, cultivation, and unpredictable storytelling. If you’re a fan of the undead and the Cultivation Manhua, this is a must-read that defies expectations.

The complex narrative keeps you guessing at every turn, while the characters, despite some initial quirks, evolve into a compelling ensemble. The art may start modestly, but it blossoms into a visual feast, earning its spot among the top-tier manhuas.

Here Comes The Queen

Here Comes The Queen Supernatural Manhua
~ Alt title: She Is Coming, Please Get Down!
Rating3.94 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+338 Chapters
Magazine iQiyi
GenresRomance Comedy,
Supernatural Drama

Plot: Bow down to the queen! In “Here Comes The Queen,” a once feeble C-list actress takes an unexpected plunge into the abyss, only to resurface with a complete 180-degree transformation. She emerges as the formidable “Reaper,” a ruthless enforcer whose mere presence commands submission from the high and mighty. Watch as the queen delivers both entertainment and justice, shrouded in an aura of mystery and power.

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: This story isn’t your run-of-the-mill manhua; it’s a gem with exceptional artistry and a gripping plotline. Our main character isn’t just any protagonist – she’s a powerhouse, mysterious and sharp-witted. The art style, with its captivating ‘Chinese’ influence, adds a unique charm to the visuals, making every panel a treat to behold.

Well, The protagonist isn’t just strong; she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her clashes with a scheming, deceptive villainess are pure satisfaction. Plus, the male leads aren’t just eye candy; they’re powerful figures who stand by her side. This story is a rollercoaster of schemes, comebacks, and a leading lady who never backs down. If you’re into captivating narratives with strong female leads and intriguing character development, this one’s an absolute recommendation!

Age Of Terror 

Age Of Terror Supernatural Manhua
Rating3.92 (Out of 5)
No. Of Chapters+220 Chapters
Magazine Kuaikan Manhua
GenresSupernatural Action

Plot: In the aftermath of a peculiar century marked by the sudden emergence of ghosts, humanity faces a dire situation with only a fraction of its population surviving. To coexist with the spectral entities, individuals must select a “Companion Ghost” from birth, nurturing and training them to combat the increasing ghost population. Lin Feng, empowered by an unbeatable ghost cultivated through a mysterious system, becomes a formidable force, sending shockwaves through the entire world.

Why Read This Supernatural Manhua: Trust me, this one’s a hidden gem. What hooked me in is how brilliantly the side characters shine; there’s a particular chapter where two mysterious visitors show up at the protagonist’s doorstep, and a savvy supporting character predicts the impending chaos.

The art is solid, but what steals the show is the system element – it’s like diving into the nostalgic world of those classic JRPG games from our childhood. The main character is sharp, and the overall world-building is seamlessly intertwined. If you’re into a captivating mix of strategy, supernatural elements, and a touch of nostalgia, “Age of Terror” is a must-read!


In the enchanting realm of supernatural manhua, where ghosts, demons, and magic collide in captivating tales, We handpicked the 18 Best Supernatural Manhuas that promise an exhilarating escape into fantasy. From the cosmic misadventures of “Heaven Official’s Blessing” to the chilling comedic twists of “Scream Queen,” each recommendation unfolds a unique narrative filled with vibrant characters and stunning visuals.

Table of Supernatural Manhuas

Hope this will helps provide a quicker snapshot of the main themes in each manhua! If you need further details or have more questions, feel free to ask.

Manhua TitleMain Theme
Heaven Official’s BlessingKind-hearted deity faces challenges,
banished from heaven, deals with
ghosts, diverse settings, exceptional art.
The Master of DiabolismCultivator Wei Wuxian’s life, betrayal,
death, reincarnation, blend of romance,
intrigue, and memorable characters.
Pixiu’s Eatery, No Way OutDragon and ghost’s unconventional
journey, battles, quirky restaurant life.
SoulmateYu Qi wakes in her past, alters
destinies with girlfriend,
explores love and time travel.
My Food Looks Very CuteVampire Maria, wolf girl Xinglan’s
quest to fit into human society,
quirky twist with blood year.
Scream QueenZhu Yang encounters supernatural
entities, defies norms as a
Class A Mean Girl.
Tribulations of Myriad ClansSu Yu’s mysterious life, haunting
dreams, becoming a harbinger
of tribulations, strategic storytelling.
Spirit PactYang Jinghua’s younger self,
encounter with the “Spirit Cleanser,”
explores unconventional love.
Knight Fantasy NightLing Lin in King Arthur’s realm,
reverse harem dynamics,
breathtaking art.
Release That WitchEngineer in medieval world
with witches, fantasy politics,
vibrant designs.
The Spirit QueenZhi Ling reclaiming throne,
dark undertones with romance
in human empire.
Mint CoupleOrdinary couple with supernatural
challenges, impact on relationship.
Mr. ZombieOnce-zombified hero seeks chill
existence in zombie apocalypse,
comedy, overpowered protagonist.
The DeathlessGirl sees others’ death rates,
reapers’ world, magical escape
with romance.
Statue (The Cursed Sculpture)Sculpture student with vengeful
spirit, explores revenge through
sculptures, supernatural intrigue.
Mortals Of The DoomZuo Tianchen’s second chance,
zombies, cultivation, evolving characters.
Here Comes The QueenActress transforms into formidable
“Reaper,” exceptional artistry,
powerful female lead with schemes.
Age Of TerrorCentury with ghosts, humanity
coexists, Lin Feng’s empowerment
by a ghost, mix of strategy and
supernatural elements.

As an otaku deeply immersed in these mystical worlds, I encourage you to explore the alluring realms of “Mint Couple,” the heartwarming romance in “Soulmate,” and the strategic brilliance of “Tribulations of Myriad Clans.” But the adventure doesn’t end here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where to read these Supernatural Manhuas?

You can read these supernatural manhuas on popular platforms include Webtoon, Tapas, Tappytoon, Bilibili Comics, and even physical bookstores!

Q. What does BL and GL mean?

BL stands for Boys’ Love, referring to romantic/sexual relationships between male characters. GL stands for Girls’ Love, referring to romantic/sexual relationships between female characters.

Q. What is a BL manhwa?

A BL manhwa is a Korean comic featuring a romantic/sexual relationship between male characters. It’s a subgenre of manhwa with a dedicated fanbase and diverse storylines.

Q. Is Webtoon and Manhua the same?

Nope! Webtoon is a Korean platform for digital comics, while manhua is the Chinese term for comics. Both can be supernatural, but have distinct styles and storytelling approaches.

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