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10 Best Manga/Anime About Money Of All Time

Fortune in Frames: The Definitive Ranking of Money-themed Manga/Anime!

Searching for manga or anime about money? Then look no further. Money makes the world go ’round – and in the worlds of anime and manga, big bucks can lead to big adventures, schemes, and laughs.

Whether it’s characters striving for wealth, losing fortunes, or learning lessons about greed, some of the most entertaining series revolve around finances. Just how much does money influence these stories and their characters? What hilariously wacky or dramatic situations will the pursuit of yen get them into?

Best Manga/Anime About Money Of All Time

This list of the 10 best anime and manga focused on money will provide insight into materialism through the rich stories of these money-motivated characters. Lets start with:

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement Anime
~ Alt Name: Rougo ni Sonaete Isekai de 8-manmai no Kinka wo Tamemasu, Roukin
Anime GenreFantasy Isekai
No. Of Episodes1 Season 12 Episodes
Where To WatchCrunchyroll, Apple Tv,
Prime Videos

Broke and heartbroken, Mitsuha Yamano is transported to another world where she gains powers like superhuman regeneration and interdimensional travel. Realizing she can profit by bringing goods between worlds, Mitsuha resolves to save 80,000 gold coins for a luxurious early retirement!

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement is an Isekai anime about money, with the protagonist leveraging her abilities for financial gain. This anime tracks her epic money-making missions, as she schemes, barters, and battles her way toward one goal.

Spice Wolf

spice and wolf manga and anime about money and economics
Anime GenreFantasy Adventure,
No. Of Episodes2 Seasons 25 Episodes
Where To WatchCrunchyroll, Hulu

In this anime about money, a shrewd merchant named Lawrence stumbles upon Holo, a wolf goddess trapped in human form. Recognizing her knack for sniffing out profitable deals, Lawrence strikes a bargain – he’ll help her return home, and she’ll boost his trading prowess.

Weaving through bustling markets and cutthroat negotiations, their quest for riches reveals not just profits, but a blossoming bond that challenges Lawrence’s initial pursuit of wealth. Be prepared for witty haggling, heartwarming moments, and a reminder that sometimes, the greatest treasure isn’t found in gold, but in the journey itself.

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Billionaire Girl ( Manga )

Billionaire Girl Manga About Money
Manga GenreRomance Drama
AuthorsAsuka Katsura (Art),
Isuna Hasekura(Story)
No. Of Chapters20 Chapters

Billionaire Girl Manga follows Kei Takato, an ordinary university student, who becomes a mathematics tutor for Yukari Fujioka, his professor’s niece, earning a lucrative ten thousand yen per hour. While Yukari appears to be a cute and wealthy girl, she is a high school dropout with a massive fortune amassed through the stock market.

As Kei navigates his tutoring responsibilities, he discovers Yukari’s loneliness despite her wealth. The manga stands out as a refreshing seinen with a mature storyline, realistic characters, and a seamless plot.

The manga about money, though initially intriguing, doesn’t solely revolve around stock trading, It offers a unique take on romance and avoids typical genre clichés, making it a promising and memorable read. Overall, “Billionaire Girl” is a promising manga with a unique storyline, realistic characters, and appealing art.

C: The Money Of Soul And Possibility Control

~ Alt Name: [C] CONTROL – The Money and Soul of Possibility
Anime GenreSci-Fi, Supernatural
High Stakes Game
No. Of Episodes1 Season 11 Episodes
Where To WatchFunimation, bilibili

Broke student stumbles into a high-stakes economy where your future’s the currency. Welcome to C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, where Kimimaro gambles his destiny in financial duels called Deals.

Can he outsmart fate and rake in wealth, or will he lose everything he holds dear? This anime about money pits greed against survival, proving the cost of fortune can be your very soul.

The Black Swindler ( Manga )

Kurosagi The black Swindler manga About Money
~ Alt Name: Kurosagi
Manga GenreSeinen Drama
AuthorsTakeshi Natsuhara (Story),
Kuromaru (Story & Art)
No. Of Chapters220 Chapters

In the dark world of con artists, where white swindlers prey on the innocent and red swindlers exploit hearts, emerges Kurosagi, a master deceiver of a different breed.

Driven by a burning desire for vengeance after his family falls victim to white-collar crime, Kurosagi becomes a “black swindler,” a vigilante who uses his cunning and wit to turn the tables on the corrupt.

Watch as he weaves elaborate traps, exposes hidden schemes, and extracts justice, one con at a time, in this thrilling manga about the pursuit of payback through the art of the ultimate hustle.

Eden of the East

Higashi no Eden Anime Eden of the East
~ Alt Name: Higashi no Eden
Anime GenreSci-Fi, Romance
No. Of Episodes1 Season 11 Episodes
Where To WatchCrunchyroll, Prime Video

In “Eden of the East,” an amnesiac dude wakes up naked in America with billions on his phone and a mystery to solve. Thrust into a high-stakes game with 11 others, each armed with money and the same phone, they compete to “save Japan” in their own way.

Secrets, missiles, and amnesia clash as Saki, a friendly student, tries to unravel her friend’s past and the game’s deadly stakes – all before Japan’s fate hangs in the balance. This anime about money throws thrills, action, and social commentary into one explosive cocktail.

Liar Game ( Manga )

Liar Game manga About money
Manga GenreHigh-Stacks Strategy
Game, Psychological
AuthorsShinobu Kaitani
(Story & Art)
No. Of Chapters203 Chapters

Naive Nao gets entangled in a high-stakes, high-deceit game where contestants fight for their financial future with every lie and betrayal. Enter Shinichi, a reformed con artist with a razor-sharp mind. Together, they navigate this twisted world, unraveling its secrets and fighting for survival. ️‍♀️

But is money their only motive? As the lines between truth and lies blur, they must decide what truly matters: fortune or the bonds of trust? Dive into Liar Game, a thrilling manga about money, manipulation, and the ultimate test of human nature!

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED

~ Alt Name: Fugou Keiji Balance: Unlimited
Anime GenreDetective Mystery
No. Of Episodes1 Season 11 Episodes
Where To WatchPrime Video, Crunchyroll,

“The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED,” an anime where justice takes on a whole new meaning, fueled by cash! Meet Daisuke Kanbe, a detective with pockets overflowing with yen, and Haru Katou, his by-the-book partner who values morals above money. Prepare for hilarious clashes as these opposites attract (and repel) while tackling intricate cases.

Can Daisuke’s bottomless wallet buy the truth? Or will Haru’s unwavering integrity be the key to cracking the toughest crimes? Witness their unlikely partnership unfold, where every investigation becomes a high-stakes game of wits, ethics, and, of course, cold hard cash.

Life is Money ( Manga )

Life is Money Manga About Money
Manga GenreHorror Drama,
AuthorsTeru Asaniji (Story),
Tekka Yaguraba (Art)
No. Of Chapters16 Chapters

Desperate to save his sister, Meguru enters a deadly high-stakes game in “Life is Money,” a gripping anime about money, survival, and the dark depths of human nature.

Trapped with 9 others in a mental prison, each heartbeat monitored for signs of stress, Meguru must face not only physical challenges but also the psychological manipulation and moral decay that unfolds as players fight for the ultimate prize: 50 million yen.

With each twist, the lines between good and evil blur, forcing Meguru to confront the price of survival and the true cost of humanity’s greed.

Bonus Anime: The Great Pretender

Anime GenreAction Adventure,
No. Of Episodes1 Season 23 Episodes
Where To WatchNetflix,

The Great Pretender follows Makoto Edamura, an amateur swindler who gets swept up with a gang of talented con artists. Together, they exploit targets and profit off their crimes. Visually gorgeous and cleverly written, The Great Pretender explores complex themes about greed and morality behind the group’s humorous hijinks.

With a production filled with talent and expressive animation, this anime crafts lively characters and an entertaining story. The Great Pretender is an anime about money, centering on charismatic criminals motivated by profit no matter the risk.


In the captivating realm where yen shapes destinies, These 10 best manga/anime about money offers a riveting blend of adventure, wit, and life lessons. From interdimensional money-making schemes in “Saving 80,000 Gold” to the heartfelt journey of “Spice Wolf,” these stories go beyond wealth, exploring bonds, vengeance, and the essence of human nature.

Dive into the thrilling world of “C: The Money of Soul,” witness justice served in “The Black Swindler,” and unravel mysteries with a touch of wealth in “Eden of the East.” For manga enthusiasts, “Billionaire Girl” and “Liar Game” offer mature narratives, while “The Millionaire Detective” introduces a comical clash of morals and money.

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