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18 Best Historical Romance Manhwa Of All Time

From Joseon-Era Whirlwinds to Royal Court Scandals: Explore the Rich Tapestry of Historical Romance Manhwa!

If you’re on the hunt for a time-traveling adventure filled with romance, drama, and a touch of history, you’re in for a treat. Our list of the “18 Best Historical Romance Manhwa Of All Time” is here to guide you through captivating stories that will tug at your heartstrings and keep you hooked from start to finish.

From forbidden love in Joseon-era Korea to scandalous secrets in a royal court, these manhwa are a must-read for any fan of the historical romance genre.

18 Best Historical Romance Manhwa Of All Time

Buckle up as we dive into worlds where love knows no bounds, and characters navigate the intricate dance of romance against the backdrop of rich historical settings. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy, supernatural elements, or good old-fashioned royal intrigue, there’s something for everyone on this list. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore these hidden gems that have captured the hearts of thousands in the anime community.

Whale Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid

Whale Star The Gyeongseong Mermaid Historical Manhwa
Rating 7.95
AuthorYun-hui Na
No. Of Chapters109 Chapters
Manhwa GenreRomance, Drama, Historical
Plot Synopsis:

“Set in 1926, Joseon under Japanese rule. Soo-a, a 17-year-old handmaiden, saves a wounded freedom fighter, Eui-hyeon. He shares the tale of the “Little Mermaid,” a princess who gave up her voice for love. Inspired, Soo-a longs for a life beyond servitude, a life with Eui-hyeon.

But can a humble handmaiden find her voice amidst the rising tide of rebellion and the whisper of an ancient sacrifice? Dive into “Whale Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid,” where love and freedom dance a dangerous waltz against colonial oppression.

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Whale Star - The Gyeongseong Mermaid 

Craving a historical romance that’ll wreck your emotions? This manhwa’s got your name written all over it. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of heartbreak, stunning art, and a badass heroine who’ll inspire you. Whales Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid is more than just a manhwa – it’s an experience.


Saver Historical Manhwa
Rating 7.91
AuthorEun-Young Lee
No. Of Chapters 55 Chapters
Manhwa GenreFantasy Historical Romance
Plot Synopsis:

Tough Kendo captain Lena stumbles upon a shocking truth: her “love at first sight” is actually her half-brother! Fleeing heartbreak, she’s whisked away to a medieval world where destiny awaits. Can this modern girl become the savior of a strange kingdom? Time travel, forbidden love, and epic battles await in “Saver,” a historical manhwa where swords clash and hearts break.

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Saver

Love historical manhwa with a twist? Saver’s got you covered! Start with a forbidden love between Lena and Hye-Min, then BAM! Time travel throws Lena into a past world with a destiny she can’t ignore. This manhwa is a rollercoaster of emotions, a perfect blend of history, romance, action, and adventure. You’ll be captivated from the first chapter and begging for more.

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Goong – The Royal Palace Story

Goong The Royal Palace Story Historical Manhwa
Rating 7.78
AuthorSo-Hee Park
No. Of Chapters 179 Chapters
Manhwa GenreRomance Comedy Historical Drama
Plot Synopsis:

In the vibrant tapestry of “Goong,” imagine a modern Korea where ancient palaces hum with the whispers of royalty. Monarchy thrives, and Shin, the crown prince, reigns with a smile that hides a sharp edge. Enter Chae-Gyeong, an ordinary high school girl thrust into this gilded cage by a long-forgotten promise.

Betrothed to the prince, she finds herself navigating a world of glittering gowns, scheming courtiers, and a prince whose charm masks a prickly personality. Will their arranged marriage spark love, or will Chae-Gyeong find her own path amidst the opulent chaos of the royal court?

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Goong 

This manhwa offers a fresh take on the drama’s story, with a more spoiled Shin and a suffocating palace life. Witness a gradual love blossom between a grumpy prince and a relatable commoner, navigating unexpected emotions and navigating royal chaos.

The gorgeous art, witty humor, and emotional rollercoaster make it a worthwhile read, even if the ending leaves some things open. So, ditch any drama-first bias and dive into this charming “what-if” Korea!

The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse Historical Manhwa
Rating 7.62
AuthorHae-Yun Choo
No. Of Chapters307 Chapters
Manhwa GenreSupernatural Romance, Historical Drama
Plot Synopsis:

In grim France, Rose, ostracized witch’s daughter, finds fear her only friend. Marie and Pierre, defiant of rumors, draw Rose into their world. Yet, death’s chilling grip tightens, suspicion’s thorns prick deeper.

Can Rose, cursed by magic and doubt, find solace, or will she succumb to the darkness whispering her name? A chilling gothic tapestry unfolds, where shadows dance and secrets bleed.

Why read this historical romance manhwa: The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse: a historical manhwa that walks a tightrope between brilliance and unbearable sadness. Stunning art and a well-written story lure you in, but be warned: it’s a dark journey through emotional turmoil. Prepare to be captivated, but also deeply affected. Read if you crave raw emotion and artistic mastery, but proceed with caution if sunshine and rainbows are your jam.

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Dear My Girls 

Dear My Girls Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.57
AuthorHee Eun Kim, May Louisa Alcott
No. Of Chapters33 Chapters
Manhwa GenreHistorical Romance Drama, Comedy
Plot Synopsis:

In Victorian London, Elizabeth March, the “talentless” daughter of a prestigious family, seeks adventure beyond her sisters’ dazzling shadows. At their acclaimed academy, she clashes with a haughty noble, Adrian, sparking a fiery rivalry that ignites into a whirlwind of unexpected emotions and self-discovery.

Will Elizabeth find her own voice, conquer her insecurities, and perhaps even steal Adrian’s heart? Join her on a journey of sisterhood, ambition, and love in this vibrant historical manhwa.

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Dear My Girls

Dear My Girls, a Victorian Era delight with a modern twist! Follow Elizabeth, the charmingly clumsy “ugly duckling” sister, as she navigates love triangles, societal expectations, and hilarious mishaps. Stunning art, witty humor, and endearing characters await, despite pacing issues and an open ending. This manhwa offers a fresh perspective, charming imperfections, and a touch of a delightful romp through Victorian romance with a modern edge!

A Kiss To The Prince 

A Kiss To the Prince Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.43
AuthorHee Eun Kim
No. Of Chapters22 Chapters (Completed)
Manhwa GenreRomance Drama, Historical Comedy

Craving a funny, twisty historical romance manhwa with a charmingly ambitious heroine?A Kiss to the Prince” delivers! Dive into the world of Sei-ann, an egotistical yet endearing girl who dreams of snagging a prince. Watch her grow, laugh at her (not-so-subtle) ambition, and swoon at the supportive prince who helps her through it all.

Bonus: Gorgeous Victorian art and a surprisingly refreshing take on the damsel-in-distress trope. It's not groundbreaking, but it's a delightful escape – perfect for a lighthearted read!

Antique Romance 

Antique Romance Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.36
AuthorMi-Jung Kim
No. Of Chapters27 Chapters (Completed)
Manhwa GenreHistorical Romance Drama

Antique Romance, a historical romance manhwa that transcends its loli-esque cover and ambiguous title. This mature, tastefully told story follows a capitalist who buys a “living painting” as art, then raises her as his ward. As societal intrigues swirl, their subtle romance blossoms, transforming the doll-like girl into a lady.

Though character designs are unique, the exquisite art, charming romance, and intriguing premise make this a delightful read, even with its occasional clichés. Don’t miss this captivating shoujo gem!


Sarasah Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.33
AuthorRiang Ryu
No. Of Chapters138 Chapters
Manhwa GenreHistorical Comedy,
Romance Drama, Crossdressing
Plot Synopsis:

“Sarasah, a historical romance where destiny gets a second chance. Rejected and heartbroken, Jihae falls, but instead of the end, she finds a chance to rewrite her past. Reborn as Lady Ari in ancient Silla, she faces three suitors, one a shadow of her modern love. Can she mend the rift with her past and find a love that transcends time? “

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Sarasah

Craving a unique shoujo with a twist? This gender-bender manhwa flips the script, sending a clueless girl back in time to win over her crush, while accidentally charming another dreamy guy along the way. Get ready for hilarious hijinks, heartfelt moments, and a love triangle that’ll keep you guessing until the final chapter!

Legend Of Nereid

Legend Of Nereid Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.32
AuthorMi Ri Hwang
No. Of Chapters90 Chapters (Completed)
Manhwa GenreHistorical Romance Fantasy, Comedy
Plot Synopsis:

In “Legend of Nereid,” duty clashes with passion as General Temedes, a man bound by unwavering loyalty, falls for Matia, the prophesied harbinger of his nation’s doom. Torn between his love and oath, he must make an agonizing choice: kill the woman he cherishes or defy his country for a love that could rewrite destiny.

With every stolen moment, their forbidden bond deepens, forcing Temedes to face an impossible decision – can he protect his love or succumb to the weight of his loyalty?

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Legend Of Nereid

This Historical fictional manhwa with intense drama, compelling characters, and a strong, bold heroine. While the romance elements are potent, the artwork occasionally lacks the emotional impact needed for pivotal moments. Nevertheless, the well-crafted storyline and character depth make it a recommended read, especially for those seeking a gripping romance with a resilient protagonist.

The Moon That Rises In The Day

The Moon That Rises In The Day Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.26
No. Of Chapters199 Chapters (Completed)
Manhwa GenreSupernatural, Historical Romance Drama
Plot Synopsis:

Trapped in a timeless prison, a man meets a woman as vibrant as the flowing river. Their love ignites, but the past casts a long shadow, echoing strife through both present and forgotten ages. Will their love bridge the chasm of time, or be swept away by the tide of history’s relentless current?

Why read this historical romance manhwa: The Moon That Rises In The Day

The Moon That Rises in the Day, a historical manhwa that’ll break your heart then mend it with hope. This underrated historical romance manhwa blends supernatural chills with poignant history, leaving you breathless for each chapter.

The ending, though bittersweet, beautifully portrays the impermanence of relationships, while the stunning art brings emotions to life. It may not be for everyone, but for those who embrace the complexities of love and life, this manhwa will leave an unforgettable mark.


Serena Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.20
AuthorIna Jeong
No. Of Chapters64 Chapters (Ongoing)
Manhwa GenreRomance Drama, Historical
Plot Synopsis:

Stuck in a loveless marriage, Serena, a hot-headed heiress, fights to save her family’s grand hotel. Duty whispers to stay with hubby, but her heart beats for the dashing servant. Will love triumph or will duty win this sizzling 19th-century romance?

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Serena

In this historical manhwa where exquisite art unveils a complex love story and captivating hotel intrigue. Initially, the spoiled protagonist and icy husband may grate, but their hidden depths and sizzling tension soon become irresistible. As pasts unfold and characters evolve, the plot thickens with unexpected twists, leaving you enthralled by this original, intense work.


Aisopos Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.17
AuthorYangsoo Kim, Dogado
No. Of Chapters130 Chapters (Completed)
Manhwa GenreRomance Fantasy, Adventure, Historical Drama
Plot Synopsis:

In ancient Athens, Ellios flees a forced engagement and escapes with her true love, Frontis. But their joy is short-lived when the vengeful Yadmon hunts them down. He slays Ellios and Frontis, leaving their son Aesop orphaned and enslaved. Can young Aesop rise above his chains and rewrite his destiny, fueled by love’s forbidden spark? “

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Aisopos

“Aisopos” offers a unique historical manhwa experience, intertwining adventure with the exploration of love’s diverse facets. The storytelling stands out as Aesop, influenced by ancient Greek tales, encounters stories that shape his perspective. The art skillfully combines manhwa-webtoon aesthetics with Ancient Greek style, creating a visually engaging narrative.

The characters, with their complexity and unpredictability, add realism to the tale. The incorporation of rich Ancient Greek stories, historical references, and the unique blend of art styles make “Aisopos” a captivating and emotionally resonant read, offering a fresh take on both history and love.


Yeonmo Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.09
AuthorSo Young Lee
No. Of Chapters44 Chapters (Completed)
Manhwa GenreCrossdressing Drama, Historical Romance

In 15th century Korea, Yeonmo is a manhwa about a princess who has to take on the role of her dead brother and become the king. The manhwa story is full of intrigue, drama, and romance, and the characters are all well-developed and relatable. The art is detailed and beautiful, and the pacing is perfect. I highly recommend this manhwa to anyone who is looking for a good read.

Here are some specific reasons why you should read Yeonmo:

  • The premise is interesting and unique.
  • The characters are strong and relatable.
  • The art is beautiful and detailed.
  • The pacing is perfect.
  • The story is full of intrigue, drama, and romance.

Overall, Yeonmo is a satisfying read with a strong central character and plenty of drama to keep you hooked.

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Heart To Give

Heart To Give Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.09
No. Of Chapters146 Chapters (Completed)
Manhwa GenreHistorical Drama, Romance Fantasy
Plot Synopsis:

Gods crash-land! Earth cracks! Water King Ga-nok rules with rain and drought, but craves a human heart wilder than his oceans. Sui, vengeful beauty, seeks his downfall, wielding a love as deadly as his storms. Can love bloom amidst god-war?

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Heart to Give

“Heart to Give” earns a mature rating due to recurring explicit content in this historical manhwa. Across seven volumes, the story impresses with a captivating chronicle of a centuries-old being intricately woven into the world’s fabric.

The fantasy setting gradually unfolds, maintaining an effective air of mystery. While the art is generally good, some inconsistencies, like exaggerated lips and unconventional clothing choices, raise questions. The characters, especially the initially irksome female protagonist, evolve well, contributing to the overall angsty tone.

The storytelling, enriched by enjoyable volumes and insightful backstories, resonates with action and adventure enthusiasts, making “Heart to Give” an enticing recommendation for those who appreciate post-apocalyptic narratives.

The Scandalous Secret of the Crown Princess

The Scandalous Secret of the Crown Princess Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.99
AuthorJung Munee, Rahee
No. Of Chapters112 Chapters
Manhwa GenreHistorical Romance, Comedy, Drama
Plot Synopsis:

“Min Bo Ha, a girl with a forbidden magical touch, is abandoned by her family. Disguised as a boy, she survives on the streets until her father summons her back. Forced to impersonate her dead sister, she becomes the Crown Princess, trapped in a gilded cage. Can she keep her secret magic and past life hidden from the handsome Crown Prince?

Why read this manhwa: The Scandalous Secret of the Crown Princess

This historical romance manhwa will captivate you with its hilarious twists, emotional depth, and stunning art. Unravel the secrets of a princess with a hidden past, a crown prince in love with a stranger, and a cast of unforgettable characters, each scarred by tragedy yet yearning for redemption.

Though the journey may be riddled with heartbreak and confusion, the satisfying conclusion and promise of even more in the side stories will leave you eager to revisit this masterpiece. Don’t miss this chance to be swept away by a manhwa that deserves to be shared with the world!

Faeries Landing

Faeries Landing Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 6.94
AuthorHyun You
No. Of Chapters118 Chapters
Manhwa GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy,
Supernatural Historical Romance Drama
Plot Synopsis:

Bumbling Ryang stumbles on bathing faeries, falls for Fanta who ditches her magic realm for him! But a jealous rival throws a wrench in their love: 108 doomed relationships! Can their romance survive this fantastical disaster?

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Faeries Landing

Intrigued by fairies, magic, and forbidden love? Faeries Landing might be your next manhwa obsession. While the story starts repetitive and the ending leaves much to be desired, the initial romance and unique premise are worth the ride.

Just be prepared for some character inconsistencies and a cliffhanger finale. So, grab your cup of chai or coffee and get swept away to a world of fantastical creatures and forbidden desires.


Ashtarte Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 7.46
AuthorAndaon, SOON
No. Of Chapters+71 Chapters
Manhwa GenreHistorical Romance Fantasy
Plot Synopsis:

Black-haired princess Ashtarte, shunned for being a bad omen, seeks love through forbidden magic. A teleporting spell throws her into the arms of a shackled boy, Abelion, with a dark past of his own. Can their unlikely bond rewrite their destinies and bring light to the cursed empire?

Why read this manhwa: Ashtarte

Ashtarte, a captivating historical romance where you’ll witness the growth of a young woman scorned by her family. Ashtarte starts as a child desperate for acceptance, but blossoms into a strong-willed heroine who learns to stand on her own. Though the story may stall at times and her family’s infuriating, the payoff is worth it.

Witness her transformation, find satisfaction in her deserved detachment, and swoon over two potential love interests. All wrapped in stunning art, Ashtarte is a must-read for fans of strong female leads and heartwarming romance manhwa.

Night Flight!

Night Flight Historical Romance Manhwa
Rating 8.01
AuthorLeo Hara
No. Of Chapters48 Chapters
Manhwa GenreHistorical Romance, Royalty
Plot Synopsis:

“Forget stuffy princesses! This knight is fierce! Amadionte, first female knight, clashes with prejudice as she guards Prince Theo. He’s got a secret – designing the kingdom’s hottest fashion! Poison, plots, and a throne fight? They’ll trust each other, or flee the whole kingdom for a life where they can just be… themselves.

Why read this historical romance manhwa: Night Flight!

Night Flight, a manhwa where sparks fly amidst moonlight! Witness a brave female knight who moonlights as a fashionista, embracing her love for frills while battling shadowy forces. Though the prince might not steal the show, the thickening plot promises intrigue.

While the secrecy feels a tad unnecessary, the unique premise and charming art will leave you wanting more! So, take a chance on this historical romance manhwa and watch the female knight in shining armor trade her sword for a dazzling dress.


Here is recap of the article in this table: 18 Best Historical Romance Manhwa Of All Time in ascending order of their ratings. These rating are given by thousands otakus of anime community.

Manhwa TitleRateGenre
Whale Star7.95Romance, Drama, Historical
Saver7.91Fantasy, Historical Romance
Goong7.78Romance, Comedy, Historical Drama
The Pale Horse7.62Supernatural Romance, Historical Drama
Dear My Girls7.57Historical Romance Drama, Comedy
A Kiss To The Prince7.43Romance Drama, Historical Comedy
Antique Romance7.36Historical Romance Drama
Sarasah7.33Historical Comedy, Romance Drama, Crossdressing
Legend Of Nereid7.32Historical Romance Fantasy, Comedy
The Moon That
Rises In The Day
7.26Supernatural, Historical Romance Drama
Serena7.20Romance Drama, Historical
Aisopos7.17Romance Fantasy, Adventure, Historical Drama
Yeonmo7.09Crossdressing Drama, Historical Romance
Heart To Give7.09Historical Drama, Romance Fantasy
The Scandalous secret
of the Crown Princess
7.99Historical Romance, Comedy, Drama
Ashtarte7.46Historical Romance Fantasy
Night Flight!8.01Historical Romance, Royalty
Faeries Landing6.94Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy,
Supernatural, Historical Romance Drama

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