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10 Best Horror Manhwa Of All Time ( Ranked )

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Dive into the spine-chilling world of horror manhwa with our handpicked list of the 10 Best Horror Manhwa of All Time From eerie plots to hair-raising art, we’ve got the ultimate guide for you.

Whether you’re a seasoned manga reader or just stepping into the world of Korean horror manhwa’s, this list is your passport to sleepless nights and adrenaline-packed reads. So, Get ready for a journey into the dark side of manhwa that will leave you craving for more scares! 🎃

10 Best Horror Manhwa Of All Time


Bastard Horror Manhwa

Rating: 8.49

Author: Carnby Kim (Story), Young-chan Hwang (Art)

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Horror, Gore, Psychological

Bastard, a thrilling horror manhwa, unravels the sinister story of a serial killer hiding in an unsuspecting home. As innocent women become prey, Jin holds the key to unmasking the murderer.

The suspense heightens, crafting a gripping web of fear and intrigue that’ll have readers hooked, teetering on the edge of their seats.

Read Bastard: WEBTOON

Sweet Home

Horror Manhwa Sweet Home

Rating: 8.26

Author: Carnby Kim (Story), Young-chan Hwang (Art)

Genre: Horror, Survival, Action, Drama, Suspense, Gore

“Sweet Home,” an intense horror manhwa that weaves a gripping survival story. A high school student, grappling with a tragic loss, is plunged into a nightmarish reality where people transform into monstrous manifestations of their deepest desires.

Teaming up with reluctant heroes, he fights to prevent the world from being consumed by annihilation. It’s a compelling journey of horror and survival that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Read Sweet Home: WEBTOON

Winter Woods

Horror Manhwa Winter Woods

Rating: 8.05

Author: Cosmos (Story), VAN.J (Art)

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance

Winter Woods, a horror manhwa masterpiece. The story revolves around Winter, an artificial being created centuries ago, and Jane, a struggling writer. As they share experiences, Winter embarks on a self-discovery journey, grappling with human emotions.

Simultaneously, Jane’s life transforms with Winter’s unique presence. This manhwa seamlessly weaves horror with a profound exploration of humanity. With hauntingly beautiful artwork, “Winter Woods” is a must-read for horror enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impact that lingers even after the final page is turned.

Read Winter Woods: WEBTOON

Surviving Romance

Horror Manhwa Surviving Romance

Rating: 7.84

Author: Lee Yeon

Genre: Horror, Survival, Suspense, School

Surviving Romance, a standout horror manhwa, shatters genre clichés. Chaerin Eun, transported into her beloved romance novel, fixates on lead Jeha until the story unexpectedly veers into zombie horror. Now, to survive, she joins forces with overlooked characters.

This manhwa skillfully fuses romance and horror, delivering a gripping tale of survival and unlikely alliances. A must-read for those craving an exhilarating mix of genres that keeps you hooked.

Read Surviving Romance: WEBTOON

Distant Sky

Horror Manhwa Distant Sky

Rating: 7.71

Author: In-Wan Yoon (Story), , Sun-hee Kim (Art)

Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Survival

Distant Sky, a gripping horror manhwa set in the dark mysteries of Gangnam. The protagonist wakes up surrounded by death, a city devoid of light, cars, and life. As he questions his solitude, Youn Inwan’s narrative and Kim Sunhee’s art weave a tale of thriller, action, drama, and mystery within the Super String universe.

This must-read for horror manhwa fans delivers a haunting experience, blending a chilling premise with atmospheric visuals for an unforgettable journey into darkness.

Read Distant Sky: WEBTOON

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Horror Manhwa Pigpen

Rating: 7.79

Author: Carnby Kim , Beom Sick Cheon

Genre: Horror, Suspense, Psychological, Survival

Pigpen, a gripping horror manhwa filled with suspense and mystery. The tale kicks off with our protagonist waking up on a deserted island, grappling with amnesia. Amidst the enigma, he stumbles upon a peculiar family.

The plot deepens as he discovers his dark side as a serial killer, and survival becomes a sinister game observed by unseen spectators. Brace yourself for a captivating narrative that keeps you on the edge with every turn.

Read Pigpen: WEBTOON

Shotgun Boy

Horror Manhwa Shotgun Boy

Rating: 7.63

Author: Carnby Kim , Hongpil

Genre: Action, Horror, Suspense, Psychological, Survival

Gyuhwan, a bullied teen, discovers a shotgun in the woods, setting the stage for chaos. However, fate twists when brain-eating creatures menace his classmates.

Armed only with his shotgun, Gyuhwan transforms from victim to hero in this dark webcomic that has amassed a devoted following. Brace yourself for an intense narrative of courage and transformation.

Read Shotgun Boy : WEBTOON

Killing Stalking

Horror Manhwa Killing Stalking

Rating: 7.44

Author: Koogi (Story & Art)

Genre: Boys Love, Drama, Horror, Erotica, Psychological

Killing Stalking, a horror manhwa crafted by Koogi. Follow Yoon Bum, a timid guy with an unsettling crush on Sangwoo, the college heartthrob. This twisted story takes a dark plunge into obsession, violence, and manipulation.

Brace yourself for a captivating and horrifying journey through the murky depths of this intense tale that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Read Killing Stalking: Lezhinus

King Of Eden

Horror Manhwa King Of Eden

Rating: 6.86

Author: Takashi Nagasaki (Story), Sang Cheol Lee (Art)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Suspense

Enter the gruesome world of ‘King of Eden’ as a remote Andalusian village witnesses a massacre, leaving a man captured in its wake. This chilling manhwa delves into a blood-stained narrative, suggesting a haunting cycle of history.

Standing out in the horror genre, it skillfully combines mystery, suspense, and historical mythology. Beyond the typical zombie horror, it introduces vampires and lycanthropes, adding a unique twist. Brace yourself for a chilling tale that explores the depths of humanity’s darkest impulses.

Read King Of Eden: Good Reads

Escape Room

horror manhwa escape room

Rating: 7.16

Author: SipPark (Story & Art)

Genre: Horror, Psychological, Survival

Escape Room, a gripping horror manhwa by SipPark. Meet Sean, a protagonist with an unfeeling and hyper-rational demeanor, who finds himself trapped in a deadly escape room after a night of heavy drinking.

Joining forces with other players, Sean must rely on his unique mindset to navigate sadistic life-and-death games. This thrilling manhwa delves into survival, strategy, and the innate human drive to live, serving as a stark reminder that the only path to freedom is through escape.

Read Escape Room : WEBTOON


In the spine-chilling realm of horror manhwa, these top 10 Best horror manhwas deliver a rollercoaster of fear and fascination! From supernatural twists to psychological terrors, each series captivates with its unique narrative and gripping artwork.

Whether you’re a seasoned horror fan or a curious newcomer, these manhwa gems are a must-read. Join our anime-loving community on Discord to share your thoughts and discover more spine-tingling manhwa recommendations! Let the scares continue and the discussions thrive. Don’t miss out—dive into the dark world of horror manhwa today!

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