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Don’t Miss These 20 New Manhwa of 2023 (Ranked)

From epic isekai adventures to heart-fluttering romances, hottest 2023 Manhwa

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Are you looking for fresh and exciting manhwa to dive into? Look no further and Get ready to dive into the latest and greatest of the Manhwa 2023 !

In this post, we’re unveiling the 20 Best New Manhwa of 2023 you don’t want to miss out, These manhwas are ranked based on their captivating stories, stunning art, and engaging characters.

20 Best New Manhwa Of 2023

From epic isekai adventures to heart-fluttering romances, we’ve got the scoop on the hottest releases. Whether you’re a seasoned Manhwa enthusiast or just stepping into this vibrant universe, these manhwa picks are ranked in ascending order. Let’s explore these New Manhwa with:

The Max-Level Player’s 100th Regression

The Max-Level Players 100th Regression

Rating: 7.72
Author: King Soda, Duckf
No. Of Chapter: 30 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Time Travel, Survival, Action Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

” Trapped in a deadly 20-round death game, the protagonist finds himself repeating the cycle for the 100th time. Armed with the knowledge and skills from past regressions, he becomes an unrivaled max-level player.

This time, however, he seeks a new path – to clear the game not alone, but with a team. He strives to forge alliances, overcome challenges, and uncover the game’s secrets, all while grappling with the emotional baggage of countless failed attempts. Will he finally break free from this endless loop and achieve true victory?”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: The Max-Level Player's 100th Regression

This new manhwa that breathes fresh life into familiar tropes. With an OP MC, game leveling, and strategic prowess, the first 30 chapters promise an engaging storyline. Witness the MC’s 100th regression, showcasing his efficient quest for allies and straightforward approach to success.

The art, especially during fight scenes, is commendable, complementing the intriguing dual-world narrative. Recommended for regression trope enthusiasts seeking a captivating blend of strategy, action, and character dynamics in a visually appealing package.

I’m Being Raised By Villains

Im Being Raised By Villains 2023 manhwa

Rating: 7.56
Author: Eunhyang Ja, Asong Lee
No. Of Chapter: 27 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Isekai, Romance Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

Being Raised by Villains a Isekai romance fantasy manhwa by Eunhyang ja and Asong lee, Follows cha Miso, Who got reincarnated into her favorite novel as Eileen Etam, a side character who is about to be kicked out of her home.

To avoid this to happen, She plan to leave before that but Erno Etam, the crazy heir of the house Etam, Claims her as long lost daughter. Now She find Herself in the middle of a conflict between the cast of villains and house Etam.”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Being Raised By Villains

“Being Raised by Villains,” a new manhwa featuring Eirin, an ordinary girl thrust into a world of ruthless villains. In a surprising twist, she discovers the humanity beneath their fearsome facades.

As Eirin navigates a world of heroes and villains, the story unfolds into a heartwarming tale of family, forgiveness, and the transformative power of love. With its engaging characters, intricate plot, and stunning artwork, this New manhwa promises a riveting and emotionally resonant experience for readers.

Revenge Of The Baskerville Bloodhound

Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound 2023 manhwa

Rating: 7.56
Author: Lego Babasseo, Arang Seol
No. Of Chapter: 54 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Time Travel, Action Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

” In the new manhwa “Revenge of the Baskerville Bloodhound,” Bikir, a warrior betrayed and murdered by his own family, is reborn with a second chance at life. Armed with the memories and knowledge of his past, he vows vengeance, navigating a treacherous world to exact retribution against those who wronged him. His path will cross powerful figures, forcing him to confront the darkness within and choose between unwavering vengeance and a potential for redemption.”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound

If you crave revenge, smarts, stunning fights, and an addictive read, “Revenge of the Baskerville Bloodhound” is your manhwa! Witness a reincarnated MC strategize and rise to power, captivating you for hours. Beginner-turned-OP, he’ll satisfy your vengeance cravings with exquisite art and unexpected romance! Don’t miss out – start binging now!

The Baengri Clan’s Unwanted Granddaughter

The Baengri Clans Unwanted Granddaughter 2023 manhwa

Rating: 7.49
Author: Siyo, Marubyeol
No. Of Chapter: 44 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Villainess, Time Travel, Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

” In this new manhwa of 2023, we encounter Yeonie, a character reborn into the world of a martial arts novel. Aware of the original story, she seeks to avoid the tragic fate of the villainess, determined to save her father and rewrite her destiny.

However, her actions create unexpected ripples, altering the behavior of the male lead, grandfather, and even the villain. As she navigates this new reality, Yeonie must grapple with the consequences of her choices and determine the true meaning of family, redemption, and personal happiness.”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Revenge Of The Baskerville Bloodhound

This manhwa offers a refreshing twist on the typical villainess trope. Yeonie, though initially portrayed as flawed, possesses a strong will and a complex inner world. Her journey challenges traditional narrative expectations, prompting readers to consider the motivations behind villainy and the possibility of changing one’s predetermined fate.

With its intriguing plot and relatable characters, “The Baengri Clan’s Unwanted Granddaughter” promises to be a captivating tale that redefines reader perceptions of villainess characters and the power of individual choices.

Surviving the Game as a Barbarian

Surviving the Game as a Barbarian 2023 manhwa

Rating: 7.48
Author: Yungang Jeong, Nep
No. Of Chapter: 42 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Isekai, Action Fantasy, Video Game

Plot Synopsis:

“Ex-Gamer Hansoo finds himself thrust into the brutal world of “Dungeon and Stone” as the barbarian Bjorn. With only his wits and nine years of gameplay knowledge, he must navigate a labyrinthine world, battle ferocious monsters, and overcome prejudice against his barbarian class.

He faces the constant threat of execution for tax evasion and the ever-present danger of being labeled an “evil spirit” if his gamer origins are discovered. Will Hansoo’s skills and barbarian strength be enough to survive in this unforgiving land?”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Revenge Of The Baskerville Bloodhound

This new 2023 manhwa, revitalizes the game reincarnation trope with a rare twist—multiple players. Breaking clichés, it cleverly integrates evolving information without burdening world-building. Unlike typical protagonists, the main character faces genuine struggles, avoiding the all-knowing hero stereotype.

Balancing realism and excitement, it navigates isekai nuances through intense action and humor. This immersive read skillfully blends serious isekai elements with comedy, making it a must-try even for non-genre enthusiasts.

Martial God Regressed to Level 2

Martial God Regressed to Level 2 New manhwa 2023

Rating: 7.47
Author: Yeombi, Yungu Lee
No. Of Chapter: 39 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Time Travel, Action Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

“In the thrilling new manhwa “Martial God Regressed to Level 2,” Seong Jihan, once revered as the Martial Saint, finds himself back at the beginning of his journey. Stripped of his power and prestige, he’s now a mere Level 2 warrior.

However, Armed with the memories of his past life and unwavering determination, MC vows to rise again and rewrite his destiny. As he faces formidable enemies and overcomes seemingly insurmountable challenges, he must also confront the mystery behind his regression and the forces conspiring against humanity. “

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Martial God Regressed to Level 2

Martial God Regressed to Level 2 (2023) offers a familiar time-travel theme but stands out with its captivating art style and compelling storyline. With relatable elements like VR gaming and live streaming, it delivers a binge-worthy experience. The smart MC, strategic decisions, and a mix of fantasy elements make it a must-read for fans of leveling systems, magic, and epic battles.

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Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story

Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story 2023 manhwa

Rating: 7.46
Author: Lemon Gaeguri, Ajin
No. Of Chapter: 19 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Isekai, Villainess, Romance Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

The Manhwa follows Suna Choi, reborn as the villainous Edith Rigelhof. Resolving to rewrite Edith’s fate, Suna showers everyone with kindness. Despite marrying the handsome Killian, his love remains with the novel’s heroine, fueling his distrust of Edith due to her family lineage. Navigating this complex web of love, family feuds, and personal growth, Suna seeks to build a new life and find her own happiness.

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story

The New Manhwa “Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story” is worth a read, but the novel offers a deeper understanding of the characters and their motivations. The Manhwa’s art style is lovely, but it lacks the emotional depth of the novel. If you’re short on time, the Manhwa is a good option, but for a richer experience, dive into the novel!

Philomel The Fake

Philomel the Fake 2023 manhwa

Rating: 7.45
Author: Logo, Oaen
No. Of Chapter: 76 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Romance Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

“This new romance fantasy manhwa delves into Suna Choi’s journey as she unexpectedly becomes Edith Rigelhof, the antagonist from her cherished novel. Fueled by a determination to rewrite Edith’s fate, Suna showers kindness on all. Despite marrying the charming Killian Rudwick, a twist unfolds as he harbors lingering affection for the story’s original hero, casting doubt on Edith due to their family rivalry.”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Philomel The Fake

An engaging manhwa that stands out in the crowded isekai genre. Its well-written characters, particularly the anxious and paranoid protagonist, make the story unique and interesting. While the world-building isn’t groundbreaking, the plot is well-paced and explores complex themes of trauma and forgiveness. Fans of isekai stories will appreciate this fresh take on a familiar trope.

Solo Farming In The Tower

Solo Farming In The Tower The Top Dungeon Farmer 2023 manhwa

Rating: 7.39
Author: sdcknight, Hakyung Lee
No. Of Chapter: 38 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Plot Synopsis:

“In the vibrant city, a mysterious tower suddenly appears, piquing the curiosity of locals. Known as the dungeon, it poses both danger and the promise of untold wealth for daring explorers. Sejun, an ordinary guy, unexpectedly gets an invitation to the dungeon, fueling his dreams of prosperity.

However, fate takes a turn, leaving him stranded in a hidden section armed only with seeds and determination. Now, Sejun must navigate challenges, grow crops, gather resources, and craft a survival plan for triumph or doom in this gripping tale.”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: The Top Dungeon Farmer

The new manhwa of 2023, It’s a calming series that refreshes the mood, offering a break from action-packed dramas. With a simple premise of an MC cultivating in a deep crater with animal companions, it’s a therapeutic experience with cute creatures. While lacking action and heroines, the relaxing narrative keeps readers engaged.

Baby Tyrant

Baby Tyrant Born a Princess 2023 manhwa

Rating: 7.38
Author: Huin Lee, Awon
No. Of Chapter: 45 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Reincarnation, Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

“Gyeoul Yoon, a young woman who suffered a tragic life, wakes up reborn as Princess Mabel of the Ermâneau Empire. This new life offers everything she craved in her previous one: love and acceptance.

However, she remains wary, questioning the true intentions of her overly doting father, the Emperor. As a baby with the memories of an adult, she must navigate a world of wealth and power, unraveling the mystery behind the Emperor’s unusual behavior and finding a way to truly trust him. “

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Born a Princess

This New Manhwa of 2023, Baby Tyrant, takes us on the journey of a young girl reborn into royalty. Despite initial resistance, she learns to accept her destiny and protect the world she cherishes. Filled with love, family, and a touch of the supernatural, Baby Tyrant is sure to captivate readers.

Couple Breaker

Couple Breaker 2023 manhwa

Rating: 7.35
Author: Maenggi Ki, Taegeon
No. Of Chapter: 45 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance

Plot Synopsis:

Two couples compete on a reality show for love and money, but a twist throws them into chaos. Tae-Rin and Ju-A, friends and fellow fashion students, unknowingly swap partners on the show, leading to unexpected attraction and betrayal. As they navigate the competition, their true feelings surface, forcing them to confront their desires and redefine their relationships.

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Couple Breaker 

This new 2023 manhwa, couple breaker also explores themes of betrayal, trust, and the complexities of love and friendship. With its captivating plot and relatable characters, Couple Breaker is a must-read for fans of the romance genre.

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The Player Hides His Past

The Player Hides His Past 2023 Manhwa

Rating: 7.33
Author: Bethes, Binukki
No. Of Chapter: 32 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Video Game, Adult Cast, Action Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

The Player Hides His Past, a virtual reality merges with reality, summoning players to defend the world. Lee Hoyeol, an average worker, finds his consciousness transferred into his cringey middle school avatar, Grandfell, a demon hunter.

While initially mortified, Hoyeol discovers his new skills make him a fearsome force against demons. As the sole remaining demon hunter, Hoyeol embraces his awkward persona and embarks on a hilarious and thrilling adventure to protect the world.”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: The Player Hides His Past

The Player Hides His Past, a 2023 manhwa, offers a refreshing take on Fantasy action, distinguishing itself from popular titles like Solo Leveling. The protagonist leads a dual life with a concealed, fictional persona developed in his youth for a Virtual Reality game.

The title’s mystery adds intrigue, and the well-executed art style complements the compelling interactions between the real protagonist and the in-game aristocrat. As more unfolds, this promising manhwa holds the potential to captivate fans with its unique storyline and dynamic character development.

How To Survive As A Maid In A Horror Game

How to Survive as a Maid in a Horror Game New Manhwa 2023

Rating: 7.32
Author: Yomyum Kim, Sincere
No. Of Chapter: 27 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Isekai, Horror, Romance Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

” Hilda, a young maid, finds herself trapped in the terrifying world of a horror game. She soon discovers that the seemingly angelic young master, Adrian, is the culprit behind a series of gruesome murders. With each interaction, she faces the constant threat of death if she fails to appease Adrian’s escalating murderous intent.

In this desperate struggle for survival, Hilda must rely on her wits and cunning to navigate a world of deception and danger. Can she uncover the truth behind the killings and escape this deadly game, or will she become another victim of Adrian’s dark secret? “

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: How to Survive as a Maid in a Horror Game

“Surviving as a Maid in a Horror Game” is a 2023 manhwa that seamlessly blends horror and comedy with stunning art. The illustrations skillfully convey tension, making it perfect for reaction images in group chats.

While the protagonist follows some typical manhwa traits, the unique setting and unconventional villain keep the story fresh. Despite the overused concept of transmigrating into a video game, this 2023 manhwa series feels remarkably original. Even non-manhwa enthusiasts should give it a shot for a refreshing experience!

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Killer Peter

Killer Peter New Manhwa 2023

Rating: 7.29
Author: Jung-Hyun Kim, Lina Im
No. Of Chapter: 17 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Adult Cast, Organized Crime, Action

” Peter, a legendary killer betrayed by his own, miraculously regains his youth. Unrecognized, he embarks on a vengeance quest against the organization that wronged him, utilizing his peak physical prowess to settle the score once and for all. “

Experience betrayal, second chances, and exhilarating action in this thrilling new 2023 manhwa!

The Knight King Who Returned with a God

The Knight King Who Returned with a God New Manhwa 2023

Rating: 7.29
Author: Saram Sallyeo ,Jeoncheon Huma Geomsa
No. Of Chapter: 37 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Action Fantasy

Knight Leon, after 300 years battling demons in another world, returns to Earth with a god by his side! Join his hilarious journey as he re-adapts to modern life while protecting the world from lingering threats with a newly formed knighthood.

Expect action, fantasy, and plenty of humor as Leon grapples with the vast differences between his past and present. Don’t miss this exciting 2023 manhwa if you love a good action-packed story with a touch of wit!

The Academy’s Genius Swordsman

The Academys Genius Swordsman New Manhwa 2023

Rating: 7.27
Author: Sichi, Gwando Seo
No. Of Chapter: 26 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Time Travel, Action Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

“In “The Academy’s Genius Swordsman,” Ronan, the last survivor of a war against giants, is sent back in time by his dying commander. Rejuvenated and determined, he enrolls in the prestigious Phileon Academy to train as the strongest swordsman ever, hoping to rewrite history and protect humanity from the looming threat of the giants.”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: The Academy's Genius Swordsman

This new fantasy manhwa of 2023, offers a familiar premise with a captivating twist: a smart MC armed with future knowledge, ready to rewrite his destiny. Immerse yourself in magic, swordsmanship, school rivalries, and breathtaking artwork. Perfect for fans of Doom Breaker and anyone seeking an epic adventure. Start reading now and join the ride!

The Archduke’s Adopted Saint

The Archdukes Adopted Saint New Manhwa 2023

Rating: 7.27
Author: Iba Song, Bino Hwang
No. Of Chapter: 30 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Romance Fantasy, Time Travel

In this gripping new manhwa, witness the reincarnated Saint Dinah rise from the ashes of past lives. Abused and exploited by her supposed friend Lavienne, Dinah vows vengeance in her 15th life. Fate intervenes, leading her to Archduke Tersia who offers her a new start as “Esther.”

With power and newfound knowledge, Esther embarks on a quest to expose Lavienne’s treachery and finally claim justice. Will she succeed, or will Lavienne’s greed prove too strong? Embark on a journey of revenge, redemption, and uncovering the truth in “The Archduke’s Adopted Saint.”

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Cleric Of Decay

The Priest of Corruption Cleric Of Decay New Manhwa 2023

Rating: 7.26
Author: Jatae Yoo, Sadadm
No. Of Chapter: 10 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Isekai, Action Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

“Sucked into a game as a “Priest of Corruption,” Marnac finds himself the sole cleric of the Order of Decay, serving a goddess reduced to a disembodied hand chanting “MURDER!” Can he embrace his cursed role and become powerful enough before the prophesied “end” arrives?”

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Cleric Of Decay

Cleric of Decay redefines the concept of immortality. With a refreshing take on power scaling and a diverse cast of characters, the plot, though basic, avoids clichĂ©s and remains engaging through unique plot points. The protagonist breaks the mold of the “too cool” side character, evolving through flashbacks and interactions.

This manhwa excels in character development, boasting the best minor and side characters in the genre. Balancing seriousness and light-heartedness, it delivers a satisfying narrative. Despite minor faults, it earns a solid spot on your must-read list—Instant bookmark!

Juvenile Offender

Juvenile Offender New Manhwa 2023

Rating: 7.26
Author: Jongtaek Jeong, Namja-ui Iyagi
No. Of Chapter: 21 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Delinquents, Action

Plot Synopsis:

“Bullied and seeking vengeance, Yunseong Lee joins the ranks of juvenile offenders. He meticulously plans and executes his revenge against bullies from his past, all within the confines of the detention center.

Yet, one remains untouched, fueling his relentless pursuit of justice against a broken system. Join Yunseong’s dark journey as he confronts the consequences of his actions and navigates the unforgiving world of juvenile offenders.

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: Juvenile Offender

If you’re looking for a dark and gritty story manhwa to read, Juvenile Offender story will keep you on the edge of your seat. “Juvenile Offender” is a compelling and thought-provoking manhwa that deserves to be read by anyone who enjoys dark and suspenseful stories.

All Master Necromancer

All Master Necromancer New Manhwa 2023

Rating: 7.12
Author: Cheongsong, Baekho Ji
No. Of Chapter: 41 ( Ongoing )
Genre: Reincarnation, Action Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

Betrayed and killed, Cha Jinhyuk is given a second chance at life through a daring soul transfer. Ten years later, he wakes up weaker but with a newfound power: the ability to master any occupation!

Joined by loyal companions, Cha Jinhyuk embarks on a quest for vengeance, scaling the mysterious tower once again. This time, with his “All-Master” abilities, he’ll stop at nothing to exact revenge on those who wronged him.

Why Read This New Manhwa Of 2023: All Master Necromancer

All-Master Necromancer, the new 2023 Manhwa, strikes a balance between ambition and predictability. While mid-chapters may lack enticement, risking a potential dropout, the story surprises with a unique plot.

World-building and character development are somewhat lacking, yet the main character, a classic “bad-boy” archetype, undergoes subtle growth. Side characters bring depth, breaking free from one-dimensional molds. Despite following a standard formula, the manhwa’s mysterious character auras make it a safe, intriguing read, showcasing potential for a compelling conclusion.


Although there were more new manhwa’s that were released in 2023, These are the best 20 new manhwa’s of 2023 you don’t want to miss out on. Here is the recap of all 20 New manhwas of 2023 in a table with 2 Extra 2023 Manhwa.

Manhwa TitleRatingManhwa Genre
The Max-Level Player’s 100th Regression7.72Time Travel, Survial, Action Fantasy
Being Raised by Villains7.56Isekai, Romance Fantasy
Revenge of the Baskerville Bloodhound7.56Time Travel, Action Fantasy
The Baengri Clan’s Unwanted Granddaughter7.49Villainess, Time Travel, Fantasy
Surviving the Game as a Barbarian7.48Isekai, Action Fantasy
Martial God Regressed to Level 27.47Time Travel, Action, Fantasy
Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story7.46Isekai, Villainess, Romance Fantasy
Philomel the Fake7.45Romance Fantasy
The Top Dungeon Farmer7.39Fantasy
Baby Tyrant7.38Reincarnation, Fantasy
Couple Breaker7.35Comedy, Drama, Josei, Romance
The Player Hides His Past7.33Video Game, Adult Cast, Action Fantasy
How to Survive as a Maid in a Horror Game7.32Isekai, Horror, Romance Fantasy
Killer Peter7.29Adult Cast, Organized Crime, Action
The Knight King Who Returned with a God7.29Action Fantasy
The Academy’s Genius Swordsman7.27Time Travel, Action Fantasy
The Archduke’s Adopted Saint7.27Romance Fantasy, Time Travel
Cleric Of Decay7.26Isekai, Action Fantasy
Juvenile Offender7.26Delinquents, Action
All Master Necromancer7.12Reincarnation, Action Fantasy
The Reincarnated Assassin Is a Swordmaster7.36Action Fantasy, Reincarnation
Lord Baby Run a Romance Fantasy With Cash7.36Romance Fantasy, Isekai
~ 22 New Manhwas Of 2023

With these we are concluding this article if you want to discuss on anime, manga, manhwa or more, then join our anime discord community so that the you don’t miss out on any update on anime community.

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