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6 Best Sumo Animes Of All Time ( Updated 2024 )

To all fellow Otakus embarking on a quest for thrilling anime experiences, welcome to the fascinating world of Sumo wrestling! This unique genre offers a blend of tradition, sportsmanship, and intense battles, captivating audiences with its gripping narratives.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best Sumo anime series that promise to deliver excitement, drama, and a deeper appreciation for this ancient Japanese sport.

Understanding Sumo Anime for New Readers

For those unfamiliar with sumo anime, it’s a captivating sub-genre that brings the centuries-old tradition of Sumo wrestling to life through animated storytelling.

These anime series delve into the lives of Sumo wrestlers, their struggles, triumphs, and the camaraderie within the Sumo community. Now, let’s dive into the narratives of some outstanding anime about sumo.

Best Sumo Animes Of All Time

Aa Harimanada (1992 )

Aa Harimanada sumo anime
Rating: 6.15
Anime Studio: E & G Films
No. Of Episodes: 23 Episodes

Story Overview:

Aa Harimanada by Kei Sadayasu, follows Isao Harimanada, a new Yokozuna who enters the ring wearing an eerie mask on the first day of the September Professional Sumo Tournament. He declares that he will break Futabayama’s streak of 69 consecutive wins and that he would retire on the spot if he loses even once. This invokes the wrath of the Japan Sumo Association and makes an enemy of all makuuchi wrestlers. “

Why watch this sumo anime: Aa Harimanada

The anime series revolves around Harimanada’s journey to the top as he battles to topple the entire Sumo hierarchy. The anime is notable as an animated series based on the rare theme of sumo wrestling. It is a must-watch for those who enjoy sports anime and want to learn more about the world of sumo wrestling.

Naked Wolves ( 2009 )

Naked Wolves Sumo Anime
Rating: 5.64
Anime Studio: Kate Arrow
No. Of Episodes: 52 Episodes

Story Overview:

Naked Wolves” takes us on a global sumo journey with the spirited wrestler Arashi, seeking ultimate mastery. The anime embraces simplicity with its unique flash animation, requiring an open mind for full enjoyment. Arashi explores various locales, meeting colorful characters who share sumo skills and morals. Despite some stereotypical portrayals in the U.S. episodes, the series transforms into a captivating global adventure. “

Why watch this sumo anime: Naked Wolves

The basic animation complements the quirky narrative, while Arashi’s voice acting and enjoyable music enhance the experience. Although aimed at a younger audience, older viewers can also appreciate its charm. With a runtime of under 5 hours, “Naked Wolves” provides a distinctive, accessible, and entertaining anime experience.

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!! ( 2014 )

Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro sumo anime
Rating: 6.04
Anime Studio: Toei Animation
No. Of Episodes: 23 Episodes

Story Overview:

Toei Animation” brings a comedic twist with “Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!!” adapted from Tetsuya Chiba’s manga. the story follows Matsutaro Sakaguchi, a colossal middle-aged man stuck in middle school due to his laid-back and hot-headed demeanor.

After a brawl with a sumo wrestler, he catches the attention of Tokyo’s sumo stable masters, who persuade him to join. Now, Sakaguchi trains and competes in sumo, fueled by dreams of marrying his crush, Reiko Minami.”

Why watch this sumo anime: Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!

This sumo anime offers a unique retro experience with its manga roots dating back to the ’70s. While the anime’s slow progression may deter some, its entertainment value lies in Matsutaro’s journey as a middle-aged sumo wrestler.

The art, though retro, holds artistic charm, and the sound, especially the opening theme, captures the essence of Matsutaro’s rowdy life. The characters, led by Matsutaro and supported by Tanaka, add depth to the story. Despite its quirks, the series concludes satisfactorily for its unexpected and mature character development.

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

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Hinomaru Sumo ( 2018 )

Hinomaru Sumo anime
Rating: 7.55
Anime Studio: Gonzo
No. Of Episodes: 24 Episodes

Story Overview:

Hinomaru Sumo, a gripping Japanese sports manga penned and drawn by the talented Kawada. The tale unfolds as Hinomaru Ushio, a pint-sized powerhouse, boldly enters Odachi High’s sumo club on his inaugural high school day.

Despite his stature, Hinomaru dreams big—aiming to dominate high school sumo, challenge the pros, and ultimately attain the prestigious Yokozuna rank. Join Hinomaru on his quest, navigating through hurdles and adversaries, as he strives to make his sumo dreams a reality!

Why watch this sumo anime: Hinomaru Sumo

Hinomaru Sumo delivers a surprisingly entertaining experience despite its simple premise. The art and animation may not be groundbreaking, but the action sequences shine. Character designs, while stereotyped, create a likable cast with strong chemistry.

The underdog story follows shounen tropes but is executed well, making it engaging. Outstanding sound elements, including the OP, ED, and OST, add to the enjoyment. Despite its simplicity, the show’s anticipation factor and universal appeal make it a must-watch, even for those unfamiliar with or indifferent to sumo.

Where to Watch:  Crunchyroll

(Original Video Animation) OVA Anime About Sumo

Ucchare Goshogawara ( 1991 )

~ Image From aniSearch.com
Anime Studio: J.C Staff
Length Of OVA: OVA 50 Mins

Story Overview:

Ucchare Goshogawara, a dynamic Japanese sports anime, centers around Goshogawara, the lone member of his school’s sumo club. Eager to compete, he recruits new members, including judo ace Kaoru Kiyokawa, pro wrestler Takayuki Kannai, aspiring tough guy Nanno Ippei, and the shy giant and Go expert Raiden Goro.

This eclectic group trains together and faces off against a professional sumo club in a gripping competition. Produced by J.C.Staff, the anime adaptation boasts one action-packed episode.

Notari Matsutaro ( 1990 )

Notari Matsutarou somu anime
Anime Studio: Mushi Production, Big Bang
No. Of Episodes: 10 Episodes

Story Overview:

“Notari Matsutaro, a Japanese sports manga by Tetsuya Chiba, dives into the world of sumo wrestling. Meet Matsutarou Sakaguchi, a formidable powerhouse with an aversion to typical shounen clichés. Stronger than the rest, he lacks ambition but excels in the sumo ring.

After a brawl with a fellow wrestler, he catches the eye of Tokyo’s sumo stable masters. Convinced to come to Tokyo, Sakaguchi embarks on sumo training, fueled by dreams of marrying his crush, Reiko Minami. Get ready for a tale where strength clashes with carefree spirit!

Dosukoi! Wanpaku Dohyou ( 1994 )

Dosukoi Wanpaku Dohyou Sumo Anime
Creator: Nobuyo Katou
Length Of OVA: 55 minutes

Story Overview :

The OVA “Dosukoi! Wanpaku Dohyou , Created by Nobuyo Katou, offers a distinct Sumo experience in a concise 55-minute format. This Japanese sumo anime follows Goshogawara, a lone warrior of his school’s sumo club, on a quest to recruit more members for competitions.

With his infectious enthusiasm, he convinces judo captain Kaoru Kiyokawa, pro wrestler Takayuki Kannai, tough guy wannabe Nanno Ippei, and the shy giant and Go expert Raiden Goro to join. Watch as this unlikely team trains and faces off against a professional sumo club in an epic showdown!


In conclusion, these Sumo anime series offer a rich blend of entertainment, culture, and sportsmanship. Whether you’re drawn to the intense competitions, comedic elements, or unique storytelling, there’s something for every anime enthusiast. Here is recap of anime about sumo.

Anime TitleRatingStudioNo. Of Episodes
Hinomaru Sumo7.55Gonzo24 Episodes
Aa Harimanada6.15E & G Films23 Episodes
Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!!6.04Toei Animation23 Episodes
Naked Wolves5.64Kate Arrow52 Episodes
List of Sumo Animes
OVA Animes about Sumo. 
OVA Anime TitleAnime StudioLength Of OVAs
Ucchare GoshogawaraJ.C Staff50 Minutes
Notari MatsutaroMushi Production, Big Bang23 Episodes
Dosukoi! Wanpaku DohyouNobuyo Katou55 Minutes
List of OVA Animes About Sumo

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