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15 Best Sports Manhwa Recommendations You Must Read

Our Best Sports Manhwa Picks From Basketball To Figure Skating.

In the ever-expanding realm of sports entertainment, Sports Manhwa has emerged as a captivating medium that seamlessly blends the adrenaline of sports with the immersive storytelling of Korean comics.

As avid enthusiasts of this sports genre, we present to you our carefully curated list of the 12 Best Sports Manhwa Recommendations that are guaranteed to elevate your reading experience and keep you hooked from the first panel to the last.

15 Best Sports Manhwa Recommendations

Sports Manhwa spans various sports genres, each offering a unique perspective on athleticism and competition. From basketball to figure skating, the genre encompasses a wide range of sports, ensuring there’s something for every sports enthusiast. Let’s start the list with:

Wind Breaker ( Highly Recommended )

Wind Breaker Sports Manhwa

Rating: 4.69
No. Of Chapter: 450+
Sports Cover: Racing, Cycling

Plot Synopsis:

Wind Breaker, a gripping South Korean manhwa by Jo Yongseok, follows Jo Ja-Hyun, a brilliant student and exceptional cyclist on a compelling life journey. The story unfolds with his friends, rivals, love interests, and diverse adventures. “

Why Read Winder Breaker Manhwa:

Wind Breaker spins an invigorating cycling yarn, blending intensity and passion. This manhwa delves into themes of love, friendship, and resilience, delivering moments of euphoria as the protagonist triumphs. Seamlessly shifting between life and sport, it crafts a unique narrative.

With realistic figures and jaw-dropping heroics, the art and design shine. This beautifully illustrated manhwa weaves a captivating story of freedom and passion, making it a must-read for sports manhwa enthusiasts.

The Boxer

The Boxer Sports Manhwa

Rating: 4.71
No. Of Chapter: 120+
Sports Cover: Boxing,

Plot Synopsis:

The Boxer, a captivating South Korean manhwa penned and drawn by Jeong Ji-Hoon, centers on Yu, an ex-shut-in with extraordinary boxing skills. Despite his ability to evade punches, Yu deliberately lets his opponents pummel him, finding no purpose in survival.

The storyline unfolds as Yu climbs the boxing ranks, and the sports community grapples with the emergence of his unique talent. Watch Yu’s compelling journey in this gripping manhwa as he navigates the highs and lows of the boxing world. “

Why Read The Boxer Manhwa:

For enthusiasts of sports and action, The Boxer manhwa boasts stellar artwork, dynamic themes, and a chill cast. With its seamless mix of action, drama, and sports, the story guarantees an enthralling journey from start to finish.

No Scope

No Scope E-Sports Manhwa

Rating: 4.39
No. Of Chapter: 200+
Sports Cover: Esports, Video Gaming

Plot Synopsis:

No Scope, a captivating South Korean manhwa crafted by Zoyang. The plot centers on Suho Kang, a confident high schooler and Grand Master in PSI BOND, the world’s trendiest online game.

Suho mentors Doyoon Lee, an enigmatic loner with potential gaming genius. Watch them on a thrilling adventure in the PSI BOND battlefield, where high school drama collides with high-speed connections, promising an unforgettable ride.”

Why Read No Scope Manhwa:

If you’re into e-sports and action, don’t miss out on No Scope! This manhwa boasts outstanding art, a mix of intense themes, and chill characters. The storyline seamlessly combines action, high school drama, and e-sports, promising an engaging read from start to finish.


Attaque manhwa

Rating: 3.9
No. Of Chapter: 51
Sports Cover: Fencing

Plot Synopsis:

Attaque is a gripping manhwa centering on Leesu, a high school powerhouse who loses his fighting abilities after a car accident. The narrative unfolds as he strives to reclaim his strength and discover a fresh life purpose.

This sports drama delves into themes of resilience, camaraderie, and self-exploration. With well-crafted characters and an engaging plot.”

Why Read Attaque Manhwa :

If you’re into sports dramas, Attaque is a must for your reading list. This sports manhwa seamlessly combines action, drama, and character growth. It’s a tale of triumph over challenges and discovering one’s inner strength.

The art is distinctive and captivating, complemented by a well-paced narrative. The characters are relatable, facing realistic struggles. Attaque stands out as a finely crafted and impactful manhwa that will resonate with fans.

Swim Classes For A Mermaid

Swim Classes For A Mermaid manhwa

Rating: 4.7
No. Of Chapter: 21
Sports Cover: Swimming

Plot Synopsis:

Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid, a delightful manhwa by Yongchan follows Choa, a mermaid turned high school student struggling to swim. Meeting Lee Soo-young, the swim team star, reveals her secret, leading to an unexpected offer of swimming lessons.

This romantic comedy beautifully weaves themes of self-discovery, friendship, and perseverance as Choa embarks on a journey to prove her family wrong. “

Why Read Swim Classes For A Mermaid:

If you love romantic comedies with a touch of the supernatural, don’t miss out on “Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid.” This sports manhwa seamlessly combines romance, comedy, and character growth, portraying a journey of overcoming challenges and self-discovery.

With a distinctive art style, engaging pacing, and relatable characters facing realistic struggles, it’s a captivating read. “Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid” is a skillfully crafted manhwa that will undoubtedly make a lasting impact on fans.

Fight Class 3

fight class 3 Sports manhwa

Rating: 4.5
No. Of Chapter: 90+
Sports Cover: Mixed Martial Arts

Plot Synopsis:

” Fight Class 3 by 2Hakkk, set in a world where Korea reigns as the epicenter of combat sports. Join Jiu Ji-Tae, an unexpected underdog, navigating the fierce martial arts scene at Nam-Il High School.

Armed with jiu-jitsu skills to overcome his physical limitations, he strives to climb the ranks and emerge victorious in the elite fight classes. Explore the journey of a determined weakling aiming for the martial arts pinnacle.”

Why Read This Sports Manhwa: Fight Class 3

If you crave dynamic tales with deep character evolution, Fight Class 3 is a must for manga enthusiasts. This manhwa masterfully combines intense battles with personal development, delivering a narrative of triumph over challenges and self-discovery.

With impeccable pacing and refined dialogue, the characters’ relatable struggles add a realistic touch. Fight Class 3 excels as a gripping manhwa, uniquely blending captivating storytelling and thrilling action. A must-read for those into martial arts and school drama genres.

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Double Click

Double Click E Sports Manhwa

Rating: 4.23
No. Of Chapter: 100+
Sports Cover: Esports, Video Gaming

Plot Synopsis:

Double Click, a captivating manhwa by Kim Janghun and Park Subong, follows Jiho Seong, once a top-tier player in the online game One Sword. After its shutdown, he loses interest in gaming.

Surprisingly, his school’s e-sports club introduces Sword Rush, a game eerily similar to One Sword. Jiho rekindles his competitive spirit, aiming for the top once more.”

Why Read This Sports Manhwa: Double Click

If you’re into sports dramas with a strong emphasis on character growth, Double Click is a must for your reading list. This manhwa masterfully combines action, drama, and personal development. The story revolves around overcoming challenges and discovering inner strength.

With excellent pacing and polished dialogue, it stands out. The characters are relatable, facing realistic struggles. Double Click is a gripping manhwa that uniquely blends an enthralling story with intense action—an essential read for those who love e-sports and school dramas.

The God Of Pro Wrestling

The God Of Pro Wrestling Sports Manhwa

Rating: 4.75
No. Of Chapter: 60+
Sports Cover: Wrestling

Plot Synopsis:

The God of Pro Wrestling manhwa follows Junho Kim, a passionate wrestling fan facing racial barriers. After a lackluster retirement, a twist of fate transports him back to his wrestling entrance exam. Armed with future knowledge, he vows to avoid becoming the underdog and rewrite wrestling history.

With his 20s body and newfound insights, Kim aims to become the era’s iconic wrestler and the ultimate “god of pro wrestling.” Get ready for a thrilling journey as he challenges destiny and reshapes the wrestling world! “

Why Read This Sports Manhwa: The God Of Pro Wrestling

A must-read for wrestling fans, this manhwa story unfolds with passion and determination. Engaging plot, well-developed characters, and impressive art enhance the experience. Perfect for those keen on sports, it’s a gateway to understanding pro-wrestling’s world and history.

Salieri And Mozart

Salieri And Mozart Sports Yuri Manhwa

Rating: 4.42
No. Of Chapter: 40
Sports Cover: Swimming

Plot Synopsis:

Salieri & Mozart, a must-read manhwa that delves into the intricate dynamics between two swimmers, Salieri and Mozart. Salieri, the seasoned athlete, crosses paths with Mozart, a natural talent.

Their evolving connection mirrors the classic struggle of water and oil, embodying a modern-day twist on the iconic duo, Mozart and Salieri. Experience the poolside drama as their unique relationship unfolds in this compelling tale of skill and rivalry.”

Why Read This Sports manhwa: Salieri And Mozart

Salieri & Mozart, a captivating manhwa by Kim Suo, dives into the realm of competitive swimming, unfolding a tale of dreams and youth. The narrative skillfully explores the swimmers’ journey with passion, determination, and perseverance.

Boasting engaging plots and well-developed characters, the art heightens the overall experience. Perfect for sports enthusiasts, this sports manhwa offers a compelling insight into the world of competitive swimming, making it a must-read for those seeking to delve into the sport’s history.

The Build Up

The Build Up sports manhwa

Rating: 3.10
No. Of Chapter: 911
Sports Cover: Soccer

Plot Synopsis:

The Build Up is a manhwa that tells the story of Maru Kang, an ordinary high school student who becomes obsessed with soccer after his father forces him to watch a game on TV. Despite being labeled as the “King of the Losers” at his school, Maru is determined to become an amazing soccer player. The manhwa is a story of dreams and youth, and how Maru navigates his way through the world of competitive soccer. “

Why Read Sports Manhwa: The Build Up

This sports manhwa unfolds a tale of passion, grit, and tenacity, captivating readers with its compelling plot and rich character development. The impressive artwork enhances the overall experience, making it a must-read for sports enthusiasts eager to delve into the world of competitive soccer. Perfect for those seeking an engaging journey that intertwines the love for the game with its riveting history.

Find the Waves

Find the Waves sports manhwa

Rating: 4.65
No. Of Chapter: 21
Sports Cover: Swimming

Plot Synopsis:

Find The Waves, an engaging sports manhwa by Kim Jeonghyun. The manhwa story follows Kang Pado. Balancing farm life with high school 10km away, Pado’s routine takes an exciting turn when his father reveals a river shortcut. Dive into the twist that spices up his daily journey! “

Why Read This Sports Manhwa: Find The Waves

With rating of 4.65 out of 5 from fans, its praised for its engaging plot and relatable characters. This manhwa seamlessly weaves sports, adventure, and rural life, offering a refreshing escape from urban-centric tales. Dive into the challenges and joys of countryside living with this unique and highly recommended manhwa.

Bullet 6mm

Bullet 6mm Sports manhwa

Rating: 4.6
No. Of Chapter: 10+
Sports Cover: Airsoft

Plot Synopsis:

Bullet 6mm, a sports-themed manhwa by KIM Dogeun. This manhwa follows Baekseul, a high school freshman and ex-soccer ace. Just as she’s about to confess to her crush, fate takes a turn, transforming her into a skilled airsoft player.

This captivating story skillfully portrays Baekseul’s transition from soccer to a new sport, delivering a compelling narrative that keeps readers hooked. Don’t miss the thrilling journey of this unexpected sports enthusiast. ”

Why Read This Sports Manhwa: Bullet 6mm

This manhwa earns praise for its distinctive plot and character growth. While occasionally repetitive, it sparks nostalgia for many. Ideal for fans of sports tales with high school drama and romance, this manhwa delivers a unique perspective on transitioning between sports, making it a genre standout.

Top Corner

Top Corner Manhwa Sports

Rating: 4.1
No. Of Chapter: 79+
Sports Cover: Soccer

Plot Synopsis:

Top Corner is a thrilling soccer based manhwa by Yoon-Sung and LaGoon. This manhwa revoles around Ahn Si-Joon, a math prodigy aspiring to be a novelist, crosses paths with Heo Do-hyeonng, a rising soccer star at Gwangjin High School. In a surprising twist, Do-hyeonng proposes a clandestine pact to Si-Joon, aiming to rescue his team, which has uncovered Si-Joon’s hidden soccer skills. “

Why Read This Sports Manhwa: Top Corner

Top Corner, a soccer manhwa with a leisurely pace, distinguishes itself from Blue Lock. It unveils the protagonist’s utilization of superhuman calculation skills to mask his physical limitations on the soccer field. Unlike the intense atmosphere of Blue Lock, Top Corner offers a unique perspective on the blend of strategy and athleticism in the world of soccer.

Winning Shot

Winning Shot Sports Manhwa

Rating: 4.5
No. Of Chapter: 50
Sports Cover: Baseball

Plot Synopsis:

Winning Shot is an enthralling sports manhwa following Ahn Shiyun, an undeterred pitcher, cares more about playing baseball than his team’s losing streak. His destiny takes a turn when he encounters Baek Tae-Oh, the rival team’s catcher, during his middle school journey. Dive into the narrative of extraordinary individuals who unleash formidable winning shots in the pinnacle of high school baseball excellence.”

Why Read This Sports Manhwa: Winning Shot

This Manhwa is a perfect blend of sportsmanship and baseball spirit. Beyond the game, it delves into characters’ growth, struggles, and triumphs.

This manhwa is a must-read for sports enthusiasts and fans of action-packed stories with character development. Drawing comparisons to “Haikyuu,” it’s a top choice for those craving a compelling sports narrative.

Golden Waltz

Golden Waltz Sports Manhwa

Rating: 4.9
No. Of Chapter: 30
Sports Cover: Ice Skating, Figure skating

Plot Synopsis:

Golden Waltz, a figure skating sports manhwa by Sera (세라). Golden Waltz, an enchanting ice dancing spectacle, unfolds the tale of Yoon Hong Joo navigating the delicate art of synchronized skating.

In this captivating world, partners are paramount, and finding the perfect match is deemed a “miracle.” Hong Joo grapples with a lackluster partner until the enigmatic Kim Hye Sung steps in, transforming her journey into a mesmerizing dance of destiny. “

Why Read This Sports Manhwa: Golden Waltz

This manhwa that skillfully weaves romance and sports. Unlike typical manhwa’s, it explores the thrilling realm of ice dancing, adding a unique touch to the narrative.

Brace yourself for intense training, mesmerizing performances, and the characters’ juggle between personal and professional realms. Whether you’re a sports manhwa enthusiast or crave a perfect mix of romance and athletics, ‘Golden Waltz’ is a compelling read that promises to captivate you from the very first page.


Embark on a thrilling adventure with these 12 Must-Read Sports Manhwa Recommendations.

Manhwa NameRatingAuthorNo. of ChaptersSports Cover
Wind Breaker4.69Jo Yongseok450+Cycling
The Boxer4.71Jeong Ji-Hoon120+Boxing
No Scope4.39Zoyang200+Esports
Attaque3.9Lee Sae-hyung51Fencing
Swim Classes For A Mermaid4.7Yongchan21Swimming
Fight Class 34.52Hakkk90+Martial Arts
Double Click4.2Kim Janghun, Park Subong100+Esports
The God Of Pro Wrestling4.7Coby – Noejo (뇌조)60+Wrestling
Salieri And Mozart4.42Kim Suo40Swimming, Yuri
The Build up3.1911130+Soccer
Find the Waves4.6Kim Jeonghyun21Swimming
Bullet 6mm4.6KIM Dogeun10+Airsoft
Top Corner4.1Yoon-Sung , LaGoon79+Soccer
Winning Shot4.5Kang Kyeon50Baseball
Golden Waltz4.9Sera (세라)30Ice Skating, Figure skating
~ Table of 12 best Sports Manhwa Recommendations.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a manhwa aficionado, these titles promise a unique blend of athleticism, compelling narratives, and unforgettable characters.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. What makes Sports Manhwa different from traditional sports manga?

Sports Manhwa combines the excitement of sports with visually dynamic storytelling, offering a unique reading experience. Sports Manhwa combines the excitement of sports with visually dynamic storytelling, offering a unique reading experience.

Q. Are these manhwa recommendations suitable for readers new to the sports genre?

Absolutely! The recommendations cater to both seasoned sports enthusiasts and newcomers, providing engaging stories for everyone.

Q. Do Sports Manhwa delve into the personal lives of characters?

Yes, many Sports Manhwa explore the personal growth and challenges faced by characters, adding depth to the overall narrative.

Q. Are these manhwa suitable for all age groups?

While some may have specific target audiences, many Sport Manhwa can be enjoyed by readers of various age groups.

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