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12 Best Completed Historical Manhwa ( Recommendations )

Ranking the Best: 12 Completed Historical Manhwa Gems!

Greeting Otakus,

If you are searching for historical manhwa that are finished airing or completed, in this article we have cover 12 best completed historical manhwa’s that you must-read. But before we start with list, let me explain what is a historical manhwa to the new readers.

What is historical manhwa?

A historical manhwa is a Korean comic book set in a past era, usually focusing on:

1. Specific time periods: Ancient Korean dynasties, colonial periods, or even fictionalized historical worlds.

2. Cultural details: Clothing, architecture, social structures, and customs of the chosen era.

3. Genre variety: Romance, drama, action, fantasy, and even political intrigue can be found within historical manhwa.

4. Fictional narratives: While inspired by history, these stories often feature original characters and plotlines.

Think of it as a window into the past, with captivating stories and stunning visuals brought to life in a comic book format.

12 Best Completed Historical Manhwa

From the historical romance to historical action adventure manhwa, we have curated this list of 12 best historical manhwa that are completed or finished airing. Whether you’re a seasoned Manhwa enthusiast or just stepping into this vibrant universe, these manhwa picks are ranked in ascending order. Let’s explore these completed historical manhwa with:

Her Tale Of Shim Chong

Her Tale of Shim Chong Historical Manhwa

Rate: 8.11
Author: Seri
No. Of Chapters: 77 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Drama, Girls Love, Historical

Plot Synopsis:

“Her Tale of Shim Chong, a Korean girls’ love manhwa by Seri and Biwan. The historical manhwa delves into the desires of two women from different backgrounds who share a common goal of escaping their worlds.

Shim Chong, a beggar, and the elderly Chancellor Jang’s betrothed, seek liberation. Shim Chong depends on others for survival, caring for her blind father, while the bride-to-be faces an arranged marriage for her family’s sake.

Why read this historical manhwa: Her Tale of Shim Chong

This historical manhwa offers a unique experience blending romance, mystery, and fantasy set in old Korea. The story is well-written, detailed, and culturally insightful, exploring themes of love, prejudice, and overcoming struggles. With stunning artwork and well-developed characters, this manhwa provides a captivating and emotionally resonant reading experience, particularly for those who appreciate yuri romances.

Whale Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid

Whale Star The Gyeongseong Mermaid Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.95
Author: Yun-hui Na
No. Of Chapters: 109 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Romance, Drama, Historical

Plot Synopsis:

“Set in 1926, Joseon under Japanese rule. Soo-a, a 17-year-old handmaiden, saves a wounded freedom fighter, Eui-hyeon. He shares the tale of the “Little Mermaid,” a princess who gave up her voice for love. Inspired, Soo-a longs for a life beyond servitude, a life with Eui-hyeon.

But can a humble handmaiden find her voice amidst the rising tide of rebellion and the whisper of an ancient sacrifice? Dive into “Whale Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid,” where love and freedom dance a dangerous waltz against colonial oppression.

Why read this historical manhwa: Whale Star - The Gyeongseong Mermaid 

Craving a historical romance that’ll wreck your emotions? This manhwa’s got your name written all over it. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of heartbreak, stunning art, and a badass heroine who’ll inspire you. Whales Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid is more than just a manhwa – it’s an experience.

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Saver Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.91
Author: Eun-Young Lee
No. Of Chapters: 55 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Fantasy Romance Historical

Plot Synopsis:

Tough Kendo captain Lena stumbles upon a shocking truth: her “love at first sight” is actually her half-brother! Fleeing heartbreak, she’s whisked away to a medieval world where destiny awaits. Can this modern girl become the savior of a strange kingdom? Time travel, forbidden love, and epic battles await in “Saver,” a historical manhwa where swords clash and hearts break.

Why read this historical manhwa:

Love historical manhwa with a twist? Saver’s got you covered! Start with a forbidden love between Lena and Hye-Min, then BAM! Time travel throws Lena into a past world with a destiny she can’t ignore. This manhwa is a rollercoaster of emotions, a perfect blend of history, romance, action, and adventure. You’ll be captivated from the first chapter and begging for more.

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One Thousand And One Nights

One Thousand And One Nights Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.85
Author: Jin-Seok Jeon, Seung-Hee Han
No. Of Chapters: 54 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Boys Love, Drama, Historical Fantasy

Plot Synopsis:

In Manhwa “One Thousand and One Nights,” the legendary storyteller isn’t a queen, but a cunning boy named Shah. Disguising himself to save his sister from the Sultan’s wrath, he spins fantastical yarns – from Aladdin’s lamp to Sinbad’s voyages – each night a desperate gamble for survival.

Will his wit and words be enough to appease the Sultan’s madness and grant his sister freedom, or will he become another victim of his twisted game? Prepare for a thrilling Arabian Nights adventure where every sunrise hangs by a thread.

Why read this historical manhwa:

Immerse yourself in stunning art & captivating stories with “One Thousand and One Nights,” a historical manhwa reimagining the classic tales. Though the romance is subtle, the character development shines, showcasing growth beyond typical tropes.

Prepare for emotional journeys, philosophical insights, and stunning garments, all woven into a beautiful tapestry. Give it a chance and discover its hidden depths, you won’t regret it!

Goong – The Royal Palace Story

Goong The Royal Palace Story Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.78
Author: So-Hee Park
No. Of Chapters: 179 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Romance Comedy Historical Drama

Plot Synopsis:

In the vibrant tapestry of “Goong,” imagine a modern Korea where ancient palaces hum with the whispers of royalty. Monarchy thrives, and Shin, the crown prince, reigns with a smile that hides a sharp edge. Enter Chae-Gyeong, an ordinary high school girl thrust into this gilded cage by a long-forgotten promise.

Betrothed to the prince, she finds herself navigating a world of glittering gowns, scheming courtiers, and a prince whose charm masks a prickly personality. Will their arranged marriage spark love, or will Chae-Gyeong find her own path amidst the opulent chaos of the royal court?

Why read this historical manhwa: Goong - The Royal Palace Story

This manhwa offers a fresh take on the drama’s story, with a more spoiled Shin and a suffocating palace life. Witness a gradual love blossom between a grumpy prince and a relatable commoner, navigating unexpected emotions and navigating royal chaos.

The gorgeous art, witty humor, and emotional rollercoaster make it a worthwhile read, even if the ending leaves some things open. So, ditch any drama-first bias and dive into this charming “what-if” Korea!

Yongbi The Invincible

Yongbi The Invincible Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.77
Author: Ki Woon Ryu, Jung-Hoo Mun
No. Of Chapters: 149 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Martial Arts, Historical Action Adventure

Plot Synopsis:

In Yongbi Bulpae, fearless bounty hunter Yongbi, armed with charm and a bottomless thirst (shared by his boozy horse), stumbles upon a boy with an enchanted medallion. Protecting the lad from envious eyes, Yongbi unleashes his unpredictable blend of greed, swordsmanship, and drunken brawls on anyone foolish enough to cross their path. Get ready for a historical adventure overflowing with action, humor, and a sprinkle of chaos – Yongbi-style!

Why read this historical manhwa: Yongbi Bulpae

This Historical manhwa brimming with martial arts action, hilarious antics, and an intriguing mystery. Forget generic shounen tropes; this gem boasts a unique protagonist with a shrouded past, martial skills that unfold gradually, and a horse sidekick that steals the show.

Laugh-out-loud moments punctuate the suspenseful story, making each 30+ page chapter a delightful journey. Dive into this under-appreciated gem and experience its masterful blend of action, comedy, and historical intrigue. You won’t regret it!

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A Painter Behind The Curtain

A Painter Behind the Curtain Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.76
Author: Munamu
No. Of Chapters: 75 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: BL Historical, Drama

Plot Synopsis:

In a gilded cage, Ian, a hidden genius, paints masterpieces for the Bardi family, who claim them as their own. His spirit, crushed by their greed, loses its spark. Enter Raymond, a merchant with a discerning eye and a kind heart. Can he rekindle Ian’s passion and expose the Bardi’s deceit, or will beauty forever remain hidden behind the curtain?

Why read this historical manhwa: A Painter Behind The Curtain

Despite conflicting opinions, This manhwa offers a compelling blend of historical drama, romance, and artistic struggle. Those seeking a gripping plot with twists and turns, heartwarming moments, and a beautiful resolution will find it satisfying.

Others might be wary of the potentially romanticized portrayal of a complex relationship. Ultimately, whether you delve into Ian and Raymond’s story depends on your tolerance for emotional turmoil and your interpretation of their dynamic.

Threads Of Time

Threads Of Time Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.68
Author: Miyoung Noh
No. Of Chapters: 46 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Isekai Historical, Fantasy, Psychological

Plot Synopsis:

Trapped between epochs, Moon Bin, a Seoul student, relives a thousand-year-old nightmare – chasing a mysterious girl into an abyss. Reality unravels as past and present collide. Kendo battles in modern Seoul echo ancient clashes on Mongolian plains, blurring Moon Bin’s identity.

Who is he? Sa Kyoung, warrior’s son, or a modern teen lost in time? Only one path can bridge the abyss, a path paved with forgotten memories and a destiny etched in blood.

Why read this historical manhwa: Threads Of Time

This historical manhwa bursting with action, romance, and self-discovery. Though initially slow, it blossoms into an original time travel tapestry, weaving rich emotions and historical accuracy. Prepare to be swept away by phenomenal character development, especially the captivating Atan Hadas, and art that matures alongside the story.

While pacing stumbles in later chapters, the journey is ultimately worth it, leaving you with a profound message about human life. Don’t miss this hidden gem!

Gosu – The Master

Gosu Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.67
Author: Ki Woon Ryu, Jung-Hoo Mun
No. Of Chapters: 232 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Action Adventure, Martial Arts, Historical

Plot Synopsis:

Devastated by his master’s murder, Gang Yong honed his martial arts in the wilderness, vowing revenge on the traitors. Descending upon the town, ready for a showdown, he finds… empty shells. Justice served before his arrival? Now, with vengeance hollow and a thirst for purpose still burning, Gang Yong must forge a new path amidst the ashes of his past.

Why read this historical manhwa:

Martial arts prodigy Gang Yong seeks revenge on his master’s treacherous disciples in this action-packed manhwa. Starting lighthearted, Gosu picks up the pace after 50 chapters, delivering epic fights, hilarious moments, and stunning art. It’s a satisfying blend of action, comedy, and character development, making it a must-read for martial arts manhwa fans.

The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.62
Author: Hae-Yun Choo
No. Of Chapters: 307 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Supernatural Romance, Historical Drama

Plot Synopsis:

In grim France, Rose, ostracized witch’s daughter, finds fear her only friend. Marie and Pierre, defiant of rumors, draw Rose into their world. Yet, death’s chilling grip tightens, suspicion’s thorns prick deeper.

Can Rose, cursed by magic and doubt, find solace, or will she succumb to the darkness whispering her name? A chilling gothic tapestry unfolds, where shadows dance and secrets bleed.

Why read this historical manhwa: The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse: a historical manhwa that walks a tightrope between brilliance and unbearable sadness. Stunning art and a well-written story lure you in, but be warned: it’s a dark journey through emotional turmoil. Prepare to be captivated, but also deeply affected. Read if you crave raw emotion and artistic mastery, but proceed with caution if sunshine and rainbows are your jam.

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Delusion Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.48
Author: Jac-Ga Hong
No. Of Chapters: 60 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense, Adult Cast

Plot Synopsis:

In 1935 Korea, artist Iho accepts a portrait commission from the mysterious Madam Song. Young and alluring in person, she requests an aged version of herself. A cryptic message warns of unfinished portraits and madness.

Iho delves into Madam Song’s past, uncovering a dark secret of eternal youth and a chilling cost. Will he finish the portrait and face the consequences, or defy the curse and unravel the truth?

Why read this historical manhwa: Delusion

Experience the beauty and horror of old Korea in Delusion, a stunning manhwa with unique art and a captivating story. Unravel the mysteries of Madame Song’s past, where ancient Korean traditions collide with blood-soaked terrors.

The art is breathtaking, the characters are complex and endearing, and the ending will leave you with a bittersweet satisfaction. Delusion is a must-read for fans of historical fiction and dark fantasy.

My Royal Awakening

My Royal Awakening Historical Manhwa

Rate: 7.47
Author: Gusa, Tae-Hyung Kim
No. Of Chapters: 88 Chapters
Manhwa Genre: Isekai Historical Drama

Plot Synopsis:

Jin-Seong, a modern-day slacker, finds himself reborn as a prince in Joseon Korea – but not just any prince. His older brother is the notorious tyrant King Yeonsan, whose reign of terror looms.

Stuck between historical accuracy and the desire to change fate, Jin-seong must navigate courtly intrigue, grapple with his princely duties, and decide: will he rewrite history or succumb to its bloody grip? Brace for a royal awakening in “My Royal Awakening.

Why read this historical manhwa:  I Shall Live as a Prince

This historical manhwa offers a unique twist on the isekai genre, with a focus on wholesome relationships, political intrigue woven from everyday life, and stunning art. While side stories might divide readers, the main narrative is a compelling journey of changing history without violence, leaving you laughing, rooting for the characters, and maybe even shedding a tear at the end. Trust me, this manhwa deserves your time!


Here is recap of the article in this table of 12 Best Completed Historical Manhwa Recommendations ( Ranked ).

Manhwa NameRateGenre
Her Tale Of Shim Chong8.11Drama, Girls Love
Whales Star: The Gyeongseong Mermaid7.95Romance, Drama
Saver7.91Fantasy Romance
One Thousand And One Nights7.85Boys Love, Drama, Fantasy
Goong- The Royal Palace Story7.78Romance Comedy Historical Drama
Yongbi The Invincible7.77Martial Arts, Action Adventure
A Painter Behind the Curtain7.76BL Historical, Drama
Threads Of Time7.68Isekai Historical, Fantasy, Psychological
Gosu7.67Action Adventure, Martial Arts,
The Pale Horse7.62Supernatural Romance, Drama
Delusion7.48Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense, Adult Cast
My Royal Awakening7.47Isekai Historical Drama
Note: The table includes the Manhwa Name, Rate, and Genre columns based on the provided information. Adjustments can be made according to additional details or changes in data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m new to historical manhwa. Which one should I start with?

A: For beginners, “Her Tale of Shim Chong” offers a blend of drama, romance, and cultural insights. “Goong – The Royal Palace Story” is another great entry point, combining humor, romance, and royal intrigue in a modern-day twist on historical settings.

Q: What types of historical periods are covered in these manhwa?

A: The manhwa span various eras, from ancient Korean dynasties like Goryeo and Joseon to colonial periods under Japanese rule and even fantastical historical settings.

Q: Are there any manhwa for specific genre preferences?

A: Absolutely! The list includes options for romance lovers (Whale Star, Goong), action enthusiasts (Yongbi, Gosu), fantasy fans (One Thousand and One Nights), and those seeking mystery and suspense (Delusion).

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