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Top 5 Strongest Dandadan Yokai’s (Spirits) You Must Know!

Dandadan, the manga sensation by Yuji Takahashi, throws us headfirst into a world teeming with grotesque and hilarious Yokai, each more bizarre and powerful than the last. Today, we’ll be ranking the top 5 strongest dandadan Yokai that have sent shivers down our spines and laughter erupting from our guts. So, buckle up, grab your lucky charms, and prepare to meet the demons that dwell in the shadows of Dandadan!

Strongest Dandadan Yokai‘s (Spirits)

Turbo Granny

Alt Names100 Km/hr Granny,
First Appearance At Shono City Tunnel

Turbo Granny is likely the strongest and most fearsome yokai in Dandadan. She possesses incredible speed, being able to run at 100 km/hr, as well as the abilities to shapeshift, possess humans through curses, and fuse with other spirits.

After fusing with the Earthbound Spirit Crab, Turbo Granny gained dominion over an entire city, demonstrating the immense scale of her powers. Her high speed and cunning make her incredibly difficult to defeat in battle.

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Earthbound Spirit Crab

Earth Bound Spirit
Turbo Granny Fusion With Bound Spirit
Alt Names地縛霊蟹
First Appearance At Shono City Tunnel
Near Turbo Granny

Earthbound Spirit is a giant crab like yokai which is the strongest in their territory. First seen on chapter 6 of dandadan manga. This Yokai fueled by rage and a thirst for vengeance.

This colossal crustacean can cleave through buildings and Yokai alike with its enchanted scissors, leaving behind trails of destruction. Its tragic backstory, coupled with its monstrous power, makes Earthbound Spirit Crab a complex and unforgettable villain.

Acrobatic Silky

Acrobatic Silky 1
Alt NamesAcro-Silky (アクさら )
First Appearance At Ch. 16 to 18,
Around MC High School

As her name suggests, Acrobatic Silky has unmatched agility and acrobatic capabilities. She can gracefully leap to great heights from atop buildings and move with cat-like reflexes. Combined with physical strength far beyond a human’s, she is a difficult foe to hit or outmaneuver. Her acrobatic skills allow her to take down most opponents before they can react.

Evil Eye

Alt NamesMountain Yokai (“Gods”)
First Appearance In Ch 28, At Jiji House Basement

The Evil Eye may not be the most physical strong (In original form), but its ability to psychologically break enemies makes it extremely dangerous. Its vertical eyes can mentally bombard victims with thoughts of suicide through just a glance.

This can incapacitate foes, making them easy targets for the Evil Eye to finish off while in a vulnerable suicidal state. It requires strong mental fortitude just to survive an encounter.

Reiko Kashima

Reiko Kashima Slit Mouthed Woman
Reiko Kashima Slit Mouthed Woman (2)
Alt NamesSlit-Mouthed Woman
First Appearance At Ruined Area
In Kamikoshi City

While not much is currently known about the full extent of the Slit-Mouthed Woman’s abilities, the fact that she is regarded as a notable yokai means she likely possesses skills like being able to curse and trap someone see through her mirror.

Her defining feature of having a large slit mouth and always with her mirror. Until more of her powers are revealed, she rounds out the 5 strongest yokai based on her status as a named entity to be wary of.


While these five Yokai stand out for their raw power and unique abilities, Dandadan’s world is teeming with countless other supernatural beings waiting to be discovered. From the mischievous Kappa to the terrifying Oni, each Yokai adds a layer of bizarre brilliance to the Dandadan manga’s universe. So, keep your eyes peeled and your wits sharp, for you never know what kind of Yokai encounter awaits you on the next page!

Who do you think is the strongest Yokai in Dandadan? Share your thoughts and theories in our Anime Discord Community! We hope you enjoyed this terrifying (and hilarious) tour of Dandadan’s Yokai! Remember, the world of Dandadan is full of surprises, so keep an eye out for even more monstrous delights in the chapters to come! And don’t forget, the real demons are often the ones we least expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Rokuro Ayase?

Rokuro Ayase is the disguise name used by Ayase Momo and Serpo for temporary refuge in a manga cafe for a night, To escape the curse of the Split-Mouth Woman at Space Globalists Arc.

Q. Is there Romance in Dandadan?

Yes, Dandadan features romantic moments between Okarun and Momo, the story throws a curveball with the introduction of Aira Shirotori and Vamola, creating a love triangle that adds spice to their developing relationship.

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