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Who is Turbo Granny in Dandadan?

An In-Depth Look at the Speedy Yokai Ally : Turbo Granny

Turbo Granny is a well-known yokai (Spirit) that first appeared in chapter 1 of the manga Dandadan. She is also known as 100 Km/hr Granny (ターボババア , Tabo Baba Kiro Baba) due to her immense speed and reflexes that allow her to reach speeds of about 100 km/hr.

She is one of the most iconic and pivotal characters in the popular supernatural action manga Dandadan. With her unforgettable design, immense speed powers, and tendency to switch between villain to ally, Turbo Granny has emerged as a fan favorite antihero that brings chaos and comedy to the series.

First Appearance and Initial Impressions

In Chapter 1 of Dandadan manga, She first appeared lurking within a tunnel in the Shono City. Her initial appearance was as a grotesque perverted elderly woman with long white tangled hair and eyes fixed to the sides. When possessing victims, she transformed them into twisted doppelgangers of herself with giant fanged mouths capable of biting off limbs.

Turbo Granny First Appearance

After being extracted from her host, Turbo Granny’s spirit was confined to inhabiting a maneki-neko doll. Between her monstrous transformations and savage attacks, She left a terrifying first impression as a dangerous villain.

Personality and Mannerisms

She has a notoriously nasty attitude. She is cruel, foul-mouthed, and loves taunting her opponents. Her vulgar sense of humor involves making sexual remarks and offering warped favors. As a conceited speedster yokai, She looks down on anyone she deems slower than her.

Turbo Granny Personality

Despite her mean streak, She has a soft spot for tragic spirits, often acting as a source of comfort. This compassion led her to fuse with another yokai in solidarity. Her dual kindness and cruelty make for an unpredictable, layered personality.

Turbo Granny also has some eccentric habits. She is prone to cheating when challenged to contests of speed or skill. The doll containing her spirit will randomly spout vulgarities. These quirks add humor and humanity to her villainous characterization.

Powers and Abilities

As an ancient yokai, Turbo Granny boasts an impressive array of supernatural powers:

100 kmhr Turbo Granny Speed
  • Blinding Speed – With maximum velocity of 100 km/hr, Turbo Granny lives up to her name in being one of the fastest spirits around. This allows her to overwhelm most foes before they can react.
  • Shapeshifting – She can warp between an intangible spiritual form or solid physical form. As a spirit, she is immune to damage and can possess victims.
  • Curses – Her curses turn humans into her puppet slaves. She can then attack and speak through them from a pocket dimension.
  • Fusion – By merging with another yokai, she gained dominion over an entire city.
Turbo Granny in Neko Cat Doll
  • Luck Bestowment – When trapped in a doll, she obtained the uncontrollable power to grant luck, like helpful coincidences, to those around her.

This versatile power set makes Turbo Granny a formidable ally and terrifying enemy. Very few stand a chance against the full force of her abilities.

Character Arc and Role

Initially serving as the main antagonist, She played a key role in catalyzing the plot of Dandadan. She cursed series protagonist Okarun and stole his “kintama,” sending him on a quest to defeat her and reclaim what she took.

After being sealed in a doll, She switched alliances and now aids Okarun in locating the missing kintama in exchange for freeing her from confinement. Though at times still selfish and ruthless, she uses her powers to assist the heroes.

She provides vital exposition on the yokai realm. Her knowledge and speed make her an invaluable ally in battles. She also acts as a comedic foil with her inappropriate dolls outbursts and lust for young men. Despite some lingering villainous tendencies, Turbo Granny has become a core member of the protagonist’s team.

Memorable Relationships

Amidst all the action and humor, Turbo Granny has forged memorable bonds and rivalries with other characters:

Okarun – Their relationship dynamic is a classic “frenemies” scenario. Though she cursed him, they now reluctantly work together in seeking the lost Kintama, leading to much bickering mixed with mutual respect.

Turbo Granny Fusion With Bound Spirit

The Earthbound Spirit Crab – Before being confined to a doll, She fused with this other Bound spirit (Strongest spirit in their territory), Their fusion have whole different meaning. (Not Explaining the reason due to Spoiler)

These complex relationships flesh out Turbo Granny’s characterization beyond just being a wacky speedster villain.

Memorable Moments

With her unique powers and disposition, Turbo Granny naturally generates many iconic moments:

Her disturbing first full reveal as a fanged old woman spirit is a classic horror manga scene.

Outracing Okarun on his bike cemented her reputation for unparalleled speed.

The way she teases Okarun by offering to let him suckle her breasts showcases her twisted sense of humor.

Fusing with the Crab Spirit into a massive form demonstrated the scale of her power.

Getting stabbed due to her own uncontrollable luck bestowment ability was darkly poetic.

She penchant for delivering big action set pieces and laugh out loud character moments has made her one of Dandadan’s most memorable personas.

Why Fans Love Turbo Granny?

She has emerged as arguably the most popular supporting character among Dandadan fans. What makes her so appealing?

  • Her iconic elderly woman and maneki-neko doll designs are extremely creative.
  • She subverts the expectations of a typical wise old mentor by being vulgar and villainous.
  • Her powerset based on speed and luck is unique and lends itself to exciting conflicts.
  • Dynamic character relationships and a nuanced personality give her hidden depth.
  • Comedic moments and inappropriate dolls outbursts make her hilarious.
  • Starting as an enemy before transitioning into a core ally provides great ongoing character development.

For all these reasons and more, Turbo Granny has won over the passionate Dandadan fandom. Her popularity is a testament to the cleverness of her conception and execution as a character.


In Dandadan, Turbo Granny stands out as one of the most memorable and well-liked players. After a nightmarish debut as a powerful yokai villain, her redemption into a core ally with unmatched speed powers has given the manga one of its signature characters. Turbo Granny’s continuing character evolution and key role in the central mystery ensure she will be a force within Dandadan for a long time. For devoted fans, She has cemented herself as an iconic favorite antihero.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q. How fast and strong is Turbo Granny?

True to her name, Turbo Granny can sprint at an impressive speed of 100 km/hr, solidifying her reputation as 100 Km/hr Granny. In terms of strength, she stands out among spirits in Dandadan, excelling particularly in speed.

Q. What is Kintama in Dandadan and its Mystery?

The kintama, or spirit energy membrane, are valuable items for yokai and evil spirits. Originating from Turbo Granny’s own spirit energy, they harbor a powerful life force, making them sought after in the supernatural realm. Kintama are, in essence, the missing testicles of Ken Takakura, taken and lost by Turbo Granny.

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