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24 Best Card Game Inspired Animes You Can’t Miss!

Ultimate Guide For Card Game Animes

Are you in search of card game anime? Your quest ends here. After meticulously scanning and watching numerous anime series, we’ve compiled a list of 24 animes centered around card games.

To simplify your exploration, we’ve categorized these card game animes into three groups: Trading card game anime, Collectible card game anime, and Other card game anime. Let’s begin with

Trading Card Game ( TCG ) Anime

Anime TitleDescription
Yu-Gi-Oh!Iconic monster duels
with spells and traps.
Duel Masters!Elemental creatures
and strategic battles.
Cardfight!! Vanguard High-paced clans, units,
and driving cards.
Future Card BuddyfightMonsters come to life
in real-world card battles.
Kouchuu Ouja MushikingBeetle collecting meets
card game battles.
Battle SpiritsStrategic spirits
with powerful effects.
Bakugan Battle BrawlersTransformable Bakugan
monsters in action-packed battles.
Z/X IgnitionIdols and singers as card
characters in strategic duels.

Trading Card Game (TCG) Anime takes you into high-stakes duels where monsters clash, spells crackle, and strategies reign supreme. Think Yu-Gi-Oh!’s iconic monster battles or Vanguard’s lightning-fast clan wars. It’s all about collecting powerful cards, building decks, and outsmarting your opponent in an epic throwdown.


Yu-Gi-Ho Trading Card Game Anime

~ Remember those spiky hair days and the heart-pounding “It’s time to Duel!”?

Yu-Gi-Oh! is the OG of TCG anime, pitting Yugi Mutou and his friends against shadow games, ancient Egyptian spirits, and, of course, the ultimate rival, Seto Kaiba. Expect iconic monsters like Blue-Eyes White Dragon, epic duels with life-or-death stakes, and enough catchphrases (“Believe in the heart of the cards!”) to fuel your inner duelist for years.

Duel Masters!

~ Creature chaos, unleashed!

Duel Masters! throws you into a world where civilization hinges on summoning fantastical creatures from across dimensions. Join Kai Toshiki and his friends as they master powerful decks, battle bizarre adversaries, and uncover the mysteries of the Duel Masters world. Be warned: prepare for crazy card effects, jaw-dropping creature designs, and enough puns to make your head spin.

Cardfight!! Vanguard 

~ Stand up for your Vanguard!

Cardfight!! Vanguard takes things up a notch with a high-octane blend of action and strategy. Aichi Sendou stumbles into the world of Vanguard, a card game where players ride powerful “Vanguard” units into battle.

Team up with Sendou Aichi and his crew as they face off against rival clans, hone their skills, and strive for the ultimate Vanguard title. Expect flashy animation, intense battles, and a deep lore that’ll keep you strategizing long after the final card is played.

Future Card Buddyfight

Future Card Buddyfight Trading Card Game Anime

~ Buddy up for battle!

Future Card Buddyfight takes a turn towards the fantastical. Team up with adorable Buddy Monsters like Dragon World and Drum Bunker Dragon in a world where humans and monsters fight side-by-side. Expect wacky humor, heartwarming friendships, and enough buddy power to conquer any opponent!

Kouchuu Ouja Mushiking

~ Insect evolution in action!

Mushiking throws you into the world of Mushiking beetles, where insects battle for dominance. Join Gabu and his friends as they collect and evolve their beetles, from Hercules to Stag Beetles, in epic Mushiking tournaments. Prepare for bugtastic battles, strategic card play, and enough insect knowledge to make you a mini entomologist!

Battle Spirits

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin TCG Anime

~ Spirits Rise, Battles Ignite!

In Battle Spirits, the spirit world bleeds into reality, unleashing powerful Spirit Cards. Join Dan Masaki and his team as they summon majestic Spirits like Balerion, the Blazing Dragon, and clash in thrilling card battles. Expect strategic depth, epic summon sequences, and enough spirit energy to power your next duel!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers TCG Anime

~ Roll into battle, Bakugan!

It’s a hybrid TCG and action anime with transformable Bakugan monsters. Bakugan Battle Brawlers takes the classic game of marbles and cranks it up to eleven! Roll your Bakugan spheres into the arena and watch them transform into powerful monsters like Drago and Haos Leonidas. Prepare for explosive transformations, intense battles, and enough Bakugan brawls to leave you begging for more!

Z/X Ignition

zx ignition trading card game anime

~ Idols and cards? Sign us up!

Z/X Ignition throws together the world of idols and card games, with girls like Ayaka and Yuki using magical Z/X cards to perform on stage and battle opponents. Expect catchy music, dazzling performances, and enough card-fueled idol action to make you scream “Encore!”

Collectible Card Game (CCG) Anime

Anime TitleDescription
ShadowverseAnime-inspired characters
in strategic CCG battles.
Ange ViergeBeautiful angels in
tactical CCG combat.
Lord Of VermilionTerritory control and resource
management in a CCG setting.
Mix MasterA unique blend of music and
card battles in a CCG format.
Weiss SurvivePopular anime and manga
franchises come together in a CCG.
Fantasista DollCustomizable dolls and
real-time CCG battles.
Build DivideDystopian future with
high-stakes CCG duels.
Mon Colle KnightsMedieval fantasy CCG with
monster collecting elements.
Dragon CollectionDragon Ball franchise
in a CCG setting.

Collectible Card Game (CCG) Anime throws open the deck-building box, letting you craft unique strategies from a pool of ever-evolving cards. Shadowverse’s anime-inspired clashes or the territory wars of Lord of Vermilion exemplify this freedom. Expect unexpected combos, tactical depth, and the thrill of building your own winning formula.


Shadowverse Collectible Card Game Anime

Plot: “Light meets shadow in this fantastical realm where humans wield mystical cards to summon powerful beings called “Legends.” Tensei Hiiro, a bright-eyed high schooler, stumbles upon the mysterious Shadowverse card game and is whisked away to a world at war between light and darkness. He must master the game’s intricate mechanics, forge alliances with legendary creatures, and unravel the secrets behind the Shadowverse’s impending collapse.

Why watch Shadowverse? It blends stunning animation with high-octane card battles, featuring intricate strategies and mind-blowing special effects. Plus, the diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique deck and Legend, keeps the action fresh and the stakes ever-rising. Prepare for epic card clashes and heart-pounding plot twists in this duel-tastic anime!

Ange Vierge

Ange Vierge CCG anime
~ Image From Crunchyroll

~ CCG anime featuring beautiful angels and tactical battles.

Plot: “In a world ravaged by monsters called “Angra,” humanity’s last hope lies in the hands of young girls known as “Vierges.” These maidens possess the power to manifest powerful “Servants” from sacred cards, and they must band together to defend the last bastions of civilization. Ange, a spirited yet inexperienced Vierge, joins the fight alongside her enigmatic partner, Jeanne, and together they embark on a perilous journey to reclaim their lost world.

Why watch Ange Vierge? It offers a compelling blend of action, magic, and strategic card battles. The dynamic between the Vierges and their Servants creates a unique twist on the classic CCG formula, and the emotional depth of the characters’ struggles adds a layer of weight to the high-stakes duels. If you’re looking for an anime that’s both thrilling and heartwarming, Ange Vierge is a winning hand!

Lord Of Vermilion

Lord Of Vermilion CCG anime

~ History buffs and strategy aficionados, Gather around!

Plot: “In the futuristic city of Vermilion, technology and magic collide in a high-stakes card game called “Vermilion.” Shiro Kurogane, a skilled but jaded player, stumbles upon a mysterious deck that grants him the ability to summon ancient spirits. Thrust into the heart of a brewing conflict between rival factions, Shiro must navigate the treacherous world of Vermilion, unravel the secrets of his newfound power, and determine the fate of the city.”

Why Watch Lord of Vermilion? It takes the CCG genre to a cyberpunk dystopian setting, infusing the card battles with a gritty, strategic edge. The anime delves into complex themes of political intrigue, technological advancement, and the power of human connection, making it a thought-provoking watch alongside the action-packed duels. So if you’re looking for a CCG anime with a bit more bite, Lord of Vermilion is your trump card!

Mix Master

~ CCG anime with a unique blend of music and card battles.

Plot: “Prepare for a genre mashup like no other! Mix Master throws CCGs into a high-octane cocktail of racing and action. Asamu Shiiba, a hotheaded but talented racer, finds himself drawn into the world of “Rumble Rush,” a high-stakes card game played on souped-up vehicles.

With the fate of his team and his hometown hanging in the balance, Asamu must master the art of combining cards and driving skills to dominate the racetrack and become the ultimate Mix Master.

Why Watch Mix Master? It injects adrenaline into the CCG formula, creating a wild ride where every turn is a high-speed duel. The vibrant animation brings the racetracks and card battles to life, and the underdog spirit of Asamu’s team will have you cheering them on every step of the way. If you’re looking for an anime that’s equal parts strategy, speed, and pure fun, Mix Master is your checkered flag to victory!

Weiss Survive

Weiss Survive Collectible Card Game Anime

~ CCG Anime based on popular anime and manga franchises.

Plot:” Dive into a world where beloved anime characters come to life in the heart-pounding card game “Weiß.” Mikoto Yoroi, a passionate anime fan, finds herself trapped in a virtual reality version of Weiß, forced to duel with iconic characters from various anime series. To survive and escape, Mikoto must strategize with her own deck of Weiß cards, forge alliances with her fellow duelists, and unravel the mysteries behind this twisted game.

Why watch Weiss Survive? It is a fan service paradise for Otaku’s! Seeing your favorite characters clash in card battles is a thrill in itself, and the anime adds depth to the experience with Mikoto’s own compelling story and the intriguing mysteries surrounding the virtual Weiß world. If you’re looking for an anime that combines CCG action with a healthy dose of fan service, Weiss Survive is your winning hand!

Fantasista Doll

Fantasista Doll Collectible Card Game Anime

~ A CCG anime with customizable dolls and real-time battles.

Plot: “In a post-apocalyptic future, humanity relies on “Dolls,” powerful beings created from human souls and controlled by skilled “Masters” in high-stakes card battles called “Phantom.” One such Master is Yunosuke Kohinata, a kindhearted boy who wields a unique Doll with the power to heal. As Yunosuke and his Doll strive to bring hope to the war-torn world, they must face formidable opponents, uncover the secrets of Phantom’s origin, and fight for a future where humans and Dolls can coexist peacefully.

Why Watch Fantasista Doll? It takes the CCG genre to a deeper, more emotional level. The anime explores themes of war, loss, and the value of human connection, weaving them into the high-stakes card battles. Yunosuke’s journey is both heartwarming and inspiring, and the bond between him and his Doll adds a unique layer of depth to the story. If you’re looking for a CCG anime that’s both thrilling and thought-provoking, Fantasista Doll is your winning combination!

Build Divide

~ A CCG Anime set in a dystopian future with high-stakes duels.

Plot: Dive into a dystopian future where humanity’s survival hinges on a high-stakes CCG called “Build Divide.” Teruto Kurobe, a skilled but ostracized player, is thrust into the heart of the game after a chance encounter with a mysterious card. Now, he must navigate the cutthroat world of Build Divide, forge alliances with unlikely partners, and unravel the dark secrets behind the game’s creation. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance, and only Teruto and his deck can tip the scales.

Why Watch Build Divide? It throws some serious punches when it comes to high-octane CCG action. The animation is sleek and stylish, bringing the intense duels to life with electrifying effects and jaw-dropping special moves. Plus, the anime delves into complex themes of social disparity, political corruption, and the power of hope, adding depth and intrigue to the card-slinging action. If you’re looking for an anime that’s both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating, Build Divide is your ace in the hole.

Mon Colle Knights

Mon Colle Knights Collectible Card Game Anime

~ A CCG anime with a medieval fantasy setting and monster-collecting elements.

Plot: In a world where mythical creatures known as “Mon Colle” live alongside humans, young boys compete in a thrilling CCG called “Monster Battle.” Yuuki Rekka, a passionate but hotheaded Mon Colle enthusiast, teams up with his loyal Mon Colle friends to climb the ranks of the Battle League and become the ultimate champion. But lurking in the shadows are dark forces that threaten the very existence of Mon Colle and humanity. Yuuki and his allies must face these challenges head-on, mastering their decks, strengthening their bonds with their Mon Colle, and defending the world they love.

Why Watch Mon Colle Knights? It is a heartwarming and nostalgic entry into the CCG anime genre. The classic monster-collecting theme mixed with the strategic card battles provides an addictive blend of action and adventure. The characters are instantly likable, and their camaraderie and growth throughout the series will have you cheering them on every step of the way. If you’re looking for an anime that’s both fun and inspiring, Mon Colle Knights is your winning formula.

Dragon Collection

Plot: Prepare to enter a world where fearsome dragons dominate the skies and skilled “Dragoons” command their power in high-stakes card battles. Kaito Kuraki, a young Dragoon with a mysterious past, joins the prestigious Sky Arena Academy to hone his skills and become the strongest Dragoon in the land. But Kaito’s journey is filled with challenges, from mastering his fiery dragon partner to unraveling the secrets of his ancestry and confronting powerful rivals. Will Kaito rise to the top and claim his destiny as the ultimate Dragoon?

Why watch Dragon Collection? It takes the CCG genre to epic heights, literally! The soaring battles between dragons and Dragoons are visually stunning, showcasing the anime’s impressive animation and special effects. The story offers a compelling blend of action, mystery, and self-discovery, keeping you hooked on every duel and plot twist. If you’re looking for an anime that’s both visually breathtaking and emotionally engaging, Dragon Collection is your fire-breathing dragon of choice.

Other Card Game Anime

Anime TitleDescription ( Theme )
Selector Spread WIXOSSPsychological card game with
dark themes and consequences.
Aikatsu!A rhythm game with collectible
cards unlocking outfits and songs.
Hina LogiTraditional Japanese card games
in an anime setting.
Live On Cardliver KakeruCard Games combined with
Idol elements.
Watashitachi, Luck Logic Bu!Focus on luck and chance in
a card game setting.
RebirthReincarnation and Spiritual
themes in a card game setting.
Aquarian AgeFuturistic underwater world
with a card game focus.

Other Card Game Anime ventures beyond the standard duel, exploring different sides of the cardboard kingdom. Aikatsu! blends rhythm games with collectible cards for fashion show showdowns, while Selector WIXOSS dives into the dark side, where card games have real-world consequences. It’s a diverse landscape for those seeking something a little different from the classic duel.

Selector Spread WIXOSS 

~ A psychological card game anime with dark themes and consequences.

Plot: “Five girls stumble upon a mysterious card game called “WIXOSS,” unaware that a sinister force binds them to the game. Each girl receives a Selector card, granting them a magical “LRIG” companion. But victory in WIXOSS comes at a steep price – losing means losing your memories. As the girls battle for survival and unravel the secrets of WIXOSS, they must forge unlikely alliances, face their darkest fears, and decide how much they’re willing to sacrifice for victory.

Why Watch Selector Spread WIXOSS? It is a psychological thriller that takes the classic card game trope and flips it on its head. The high-stakes battles are infused with emotional tension and mind-bending twists, keeping you guessing until the very end. The anime delves into themes of identity, friendship, and the price of ambition, making it a thought-provoking watch alongside the nail-biting duels.


Aikatsu! Card Anime Game

~ A rhythm game anime with collectible cards that unlock outfits and songs.

Plot: “Enter the sparkling world of Starlight Academy, where girls compete in dazzling fashion shows powered by a magical card system called “Aikatsu!” Akari Ozora, a bright-eyed dreamer, joins the academy with stars in her eyes and a song in her heart.

As she collects Aikatsu cards and coordinates dazzling outfits, Akari rises through the ranks, performing on dazzling stages and pushing the boundaries of fashion and friendship.

Why Watch Aikatsu? It is a delightful and heartwarming anime that celebrates the power of dreams, friendship, and expressing yourself through fashion. The card game element adds a fun twist to the classic school idol genre, and the catchy music and dazzling performances will have you tapping your feet and cheering for Akari’s success.

Hina Logi

Hina Logi Card Game Anime

~ A card game anime with a focus on traditional Japanese card games.

Plot: “Hina Logi follows Hinako, a young girl who dreams of becoming a professional mahjong player. Join Hinako as she navigates the competitive world of mahjong tournaments, honing her skills, forming unlikely friendships, and overcoming personal challenges.

The anime delves into the intricate strategies and psychological tactics of mahjong, making it a fascinating watch for both casual viewers and mahjong enthusiasts alike.

Why Watch Hina Logi? It offers a refreshing and intellectual take on the card game genre. The mahjong matches are suspenseful and engaging, showcasing the game’s depth and complexity. But beyond the cards, the anime explores themes of perseverance, self-discovery, and the power of friendship, making it a heartwarming and inspiring journey.

Live On Cardliver Kakeru

Live On Cardliver Kakeru Card Game Anime

~ A card game anime combined with idol elements.

Plot: Forget monster battles, welcome to the world of “Cardliver,” a virtual reality card game where your emotions determine your deck! Kakeru Aizawa, a high school loner with hidden emotional turmoil, is drawn into Cardliver and discovers his deck reflects his deepest anxieties. But with the help of quirky online friends and unexpected allies, Kakeru learns to confront his emotions, master the game, and find his place in the world.

Why watch? Live On Cardliver Kakeru is a wacky and heartwarming anime that takes a unique approach to the card game genre. The emotional card mechanics add a layer of depth and introspection, while the quirky humor and lovable characters keep you laughing along the way. The anime explores themes of self-acceptance, online friendships, and overcoming personal struggles, making it a relatable and inspiring watch.

Watashitachi, Luck Logic Bu!

Watashitachi, Luck Logic Bu! Card Game Anime

~ A card game anime with a focus on luck and chance.

Plot: “Brace yourself for a card game showdown unlike any other! This anime throws classic fairy tales into the blender with a high-stakes card game called “Luck Logic.” Four girls, each representing a classic fairytale heroine, must battle each other using cards infused with their special abilities. From Rapunzel wielding “Hair Bind Magic” to Snow White controlling “Forest Wisdom,” the duels are filled with fantastical twists and hilarious chaos.

Why Watch Watashitachi, Luck Logic Bu!? It is a delightful and lighthearted anime that offers pure entertainment. The mix of familiar fairy tales, wacky card mechanics, and over-the-top performances make it a giggle-fest from start to finish. If you’re looking for an anime that celebrates silliness and friendship, this is your winning hand!


Rebirth Card Game Anime

~ A card game anime with a focus on reincarnation and spiritual themes.

Plot: “ Rebirth follows a group of individuals trapped in a mysterious game called “Eternal.” Players use “Memento” cards to relive past memories, searching for fragments of a powerful artifact that holds the key to escaping the game. But the line between reality and memories blurs, and players must confront their past traumas and hidden desires to break free.

Why Watch Rebirth? It is a psychological thriller that will twist your mind and keep you guessing until the very end. The time-bending card game mechanics add a layer of complexity to the story, while the exploration of memory and past regrets is both thought-provoking and suspenseful. If you’re looking for a short anime that will challenge your expectations and leave you pondering long after the credits roll, Rebirth is your ace in the hole.

Aquarian Age

Aquarian Age Sign for Evolution Card Game Anime

~ A card game anime set in a futuristic underwater world.

Plot: “ In a future where humanity coexists with advanced artificial beings known as “Aqua,” a high-stakes card game called “Aquarian Age” takes center stage. The game utilizes Aqua as partners, merging their consciousness with players to create powerful combinations and strategies.

Misato Kazuki, a bright but introverted girl, discovers her hidden talent for the Aquarian Age and joins the prestigious academy, aiming to become the ultimate player. However, as Misato delves deeper into the game, she uncovers a sinister plot threatening the fragile peace between humans and Aqua.

Why Watch Aquarian Age? It offers a captivating blend of action, strategy, and philosophical exploration. The unique card game mechanics seamlessly integrate the Aqua partners into the battles, creating dynamic and visually stunning duels. The anime delves into themes of human-AI relationships, the nature of consciousness, and the challenges of coexisting with advanced technology.


Phew! That was a whirlwind tour through the exciting world of card game anime. From strategic battles in Yu-Gi-Oh! to the idol-fueled card clashes of Z/X Ignition, we’ve covered a deck full of genres and styles. But remember, this list is just a starting point. There are countless other anime out there waiting to be discovered, each offering its own unique twist on the card game formula.

I hope this helps you explore the world of card game anime! if you need a hand figuring out where to start, just shout out in our Anime Discord server. We’re always happy to help fellow duelists find their next winning hand!

Here are the Data Sources, We Used: Anime News Network (ANN) Genre Listings, MyAnimeList Genre Tags, Wikipedia entries for specific anime and card games, Popularity rankings, and reviews from online communities

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