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10 Best VR Anime Simulation Games For Anime Fans

VR Anime Realm: Exploring the 10 Best Simulation Games for Fans!

Looking for best VR Anime simulation games? Then look no further, In this post, we’re unlocking the door to a digital wonderland – The Best VR Anime Simulation Games! 🎮

From intense battles to heartwarming moments, we’ve sifted through the virtual haystack to bring you the prime anime gaming needles. So, gear up and join us as we embark on a thrilling journey through the top Anime Simulation Games that’ll make your otaku heart soar!

Best VR Anime Simulation Games For Otakus

Anime simulation games let you step into the shoes of anime characters, living out their lives in fantastical worlds. Customize your avatar, build relationships, face exciting challenges, and experience iconic anime scenarios – from high school romance to magical battles. Whether you crave slice-of-life fluff or epic heroics, there’s an anime simulation waiting to take you on a thrilling story!

Spice & Wolf VR

PublisherSpicy Tails, Gemdrops Inc.
GenresAdventure, Indie, Casual Game
Available Platform Switch, PS 4, Android,
Oculus Go, Windows, Meta Quest

This Anime Simulation Game which will immerse you in the world of Spice and Wolf, It’s shatters the boundaries of traditional storytelling, transporting you directly into the heart of Kraft Lawrence and Holo’s journey. Witness their banter firsthand, huddle by the fire in a cozy abandoned mill, and experience the warmth of their companionship as you become part of their adventure.

This isn’t just watching anime; it’s living it, breathing it, and becoming the silent third wheel in their timeless tale. So, grab your VR headset and step into the vibrant, immersive world of Spice and Wolf VR – where anime becomes a reality you can touch and feel.

Runner VR

~ Strap on your visor, Rev your engine, and prepare for a VR rush like no other!
PublisherTruant Pixel, LLC
GenresShooter Video Game,
Indie, Racing Game
Available Platform Windows, Meta Quest, PS 5

RUNNER VR throws you into a high-octane anime simulation, where you’ll weave through neon-drenched landscapes, blast corporate drones with retro blasters, and unleash time-bending moves all from the cockpit of your tricked-out motorcycle.

Think late-80s anime meets F-Zero with a dash of Akira, and you’ve got the pulse-pounding thrill of RUNNER VR. Master free-form 360° shooting while dodging enemy fire, unlock unique bikes and customize your arsenal, then chain kills for massive scores and dominate leaderboards.

This isn’t just a VR game, it’s an experience. Fully voiced narrative, a killer soundtrack, and immersive bHaptics support draw you into the retro-futuristic world, where the only way out is through. So saddle up, neon warriors! RUNNER VR awaits.

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Tokyo Chronos

PublisherMyDearest Inc., Sekai Project
GenresVR, Visual Novel, Adventure,
Anime Simulation Game
Available Platform Windows, Meta Quest, PS 5

TOKYO CHRONOS, an anime simulation game, where VR blends reality with a compelling narrative set in Shibuya. As Kyosuke Sakurai, your choices shape a story of friendship and communication. Overcoming initial VR challenges, the evolving dialogue and vibrant characters create a unique, emotionally charged experience.

Despite minor translation hiccups, the game transcends expectations, offering more than a visual novel—a beautifully crafted masterpiece that resonates with the soul. Developers have skillfully merged technology and storytelling, leaving players eagerly anticipating future enchanting experiences in this evolving world of VR gaming in anime niche.

Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat!

PublisherGemdrops Inc., Kizuna AI Inc.
GenresMusical, Action, Casual Game
Available Platform Switch, PS 4, Windows,
Meta Quest, PS 5

Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat, a VR music game that places you in the audience at Kizuna AI’s performance stage. Use your penlight to hit flying notes in sync with the captivating songs. With various difficulty levels and note speeds, tailor the challenge to your preference.

Unlike other music games, this stands out for its simple controls paired with incredible songs, making it a daily workout delight. Some users find it even more enjoyable than Beat Saber, praising its customization options and expressing adoration for the adorable in-game character, Kizuna Ai.

Sushi Ben

PublisherBig Brane Studios, Stacey Suss
GenresIndie, Casual, Adventure
Interactive Fiction
Available Platform Windows, PS 5

Sushi Ben invites you to save a local sushi bar from landsharks in this VR narrative adventure. Meet Kotobuki Town’s vibrant characters, engage in activities like fishing and ghost hunting, and earn their support by completing quests and dining together. With 3D manga panels, captivating storytelling by Hatoful Boyfriend’s creator, and full Japanese voice acting, it’s a manga-style VR delight.

Players rave about the nostalgic vibe, rich storytelling, and inclusive gameplay. Despite limited promotion, it’s praised for its unique charm, immersive world, top-tier voice acting, and an engaging story that envelops you in a cozy, anime-inspired seaside town.

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The Tale Of Onogoro

PublisherAmata K.K.
GenresAdventure, Indie, Adventure,
Shooter, Puzzle Video Game
Available Platform PS 4, Windows, PS 5

The Tale of Onogoro, a VR action adventure blending traditional Japanese culture and steampunk elements. Join Haru, a charming shrine maiden, as you tackle puzzles, engage in intense battles with giant “Kami,” and explore a uniquely Japanese world. The game stands out for its VR-tailored narrative, featuring a talkative and encouraging virtual companion.

Players praise the evolving difficulty, beautiful boss battles, and the immersive connection fostered with the main character. Despite minor technical issues, it offers a full-fledged experience beyond a tech demo, making it a commendable addition to the VR anime simulation game genre.

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing

Little Witch Academia Best VR Anime Simulation Games For Otakus Anime Fans
PublisherUnivrs, Limited Run Games
GenresRacing, Action,
Sports Adventure game,
Available Platform PS 4, Windows, Meta Quest

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing takes fans on an exhilarating ride through the skies as they enroll in Luna Nova Witchcraft Academy. Compete for the prestigious Stella Cup with fellow witches, mastering magic to speed up and hinder opponents across diverse tracks.

Ghost hunting missions add a thrilling dimension, allowing players to purify the school’s spirits. While praised for its enjoyable gameplay and faithful anime aesthetics, some note minor drawbacks like static character mouths and limited online player engagement.

Despite its simplicity, The game provides a magical experience within the world of Little Witch Academia, making it a delightful addition to the anime simulation gaming genre.

Ruins Magus

~ Let’s Start a Journey! To Our Tomorrow!
PublisherMastiff, Character Bank Co. Ltd.
GenresVR, Action RPG, Shooter Game
Available Platform Windows, PS

Ruins Magus invites players to join the esteemed RUINSMAGUS Guild, undertaking over 25 story-driven quests filled with magical challenges. As a novice in the magical arts, you explore the abandoned ruins beneath Grand Amnis, a prosperous town reliant on treasures guarded by powerful Guardians.

The immersive VR mechanics and spellcasting bring the character to life, offering breathtaking fights and strategic challenges. Upgrade and train in unique magics, face deadly enemies, and explore a stunning VR fantasy world. While the combat and dungeons may seem repetitive, the game’s potential for expansion and the compelling story make it an enjoyable anime simulation game.

Last Labyrinth

PublisherLL Project, Amata K.K.
GenresPuzzle Video Game,
Escape Room, Adventure, VR
Available Platform Switch, PS 4, Windows, PS 5,
Xbox One, X and S,

Last Labyrinth offers a haunting VR escape-the-room adventure with a unique twist. The game, reminiscent of SAW and ICO, presents an intimate tale featuring Katia, a girl who communicates in an unknown language. With Stefanie Joosten (Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V) providing the voice and Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana, Soulcalibur V) contributing music, the game delivers over 10 hours of escape-adventure puzzle-solving with multiple endings.

Players, bound to a wheelchair in an unknown room, must collaborate with Katia to navigate a mansion filled with hidden dangers. The captivating non-verbal communication and immersive storytelling make it a standout VR experience. The character design strikes a balance between anime and realism, enhancing the emotional connection.

While experienced players appreciate the challenge, some puzzles in the later stages are criticized for being unfairly difficult. The game’s unique mechanics, emotional depth, and Silent Hill Vibes make it a recommended choice for VR enthusiasts seeking an intense and atmospheric escape adventure.

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DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate

PublisherIzanagi Games, MyDearest Inc.
GenresAdventure Game
Available Platform Switch, PS 4, Windows,
Meta Quest 2, PS 5

DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate delivers a captivating VR and non-VR investigation action-adventure, awarded by NYX Gaming for Best Adventure, Best Narrative, and Best Storytelling. As Special Supervisor Hal Scion, players solve an impossible murder case in the futuristic Marine city of Astrum Close. The game features the innovative Memory Dive, allowing players to rewind time and alter the past, along with interactive environments, stealth elements, and trial scenarios.

The narrative unfolds in a dream-utilizing metropolis with a crime rate of 0.001%, facing a theoretically impossible incident that threatens the city’s peace. Scion must navigate the mysteries hidden in dreams and reality, with premonitions foretelling the city’s destruction in seven days.

DYSCHRONIA Chronos Alternate

While not suitable for action-focused gamers, the slow-paced interactive visual novel provides a TV drama/anime series experience, fostering a deep connection with characters. The world’s beauty, believable characters, and masterfully crafted music enhance the immersive storytelling. However, frequent loading transitions and limited interactivity during certain scenes are notable drawbacks.

Overall, “DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate” offers a sensational experience for anime enthusiasts and non-anime fans alike, providing a compelling story, smooth gameplay, and a unique blend of VR and non-VR modes.

Extra: Anime VR Game

Attack On Titan VR: Unbreakable

PublisherUNIVRS Inc.
GenresAction, Flying Games
Available Platform Meta Quest

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable is an upcoming virtual reality game by Japanese studio UNIVRS, known for their work on “Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing.” Set in the popular anime series’ universe, the game promises an immersive experience with high-speed maneuverability using Attack on Titan’s Iconic ODM Gear.

Announced during the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, the game aims to faithfully adapt the anime, allowing players to use the Meta Quest 2 platform for an engaging experience. Utilizing the Quest’s touch controls, players can target locations to deploy zip lines, offering a thrilling experience as they soar through the cityscape behind the iconic wall. With top-notch graphics and gameplay mechanics, “Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable” is poised to be a must-play for fans of the anime series.


In the enchanting realm of VR anime simulation games, our journey through the digital wonderland has uncovered treasures that resonate with the otaku soul. From the immersive warmth of Spice & Wolf VR to the high-octane rush of RUNNER VR, each title invites you to not just watch but live and breathe the anime experience.

As the silent third wheel in unforgettable tales like Tokyo Chronos and The Tale of Onogoro, the blending of technology and storytelling creates emotionally charged worlds. Whether racing through the skies in Little Witch Academia or solving mysteries in Last Labyrinth, these games transcend the boundaries of traditional gaming.

Sushi Ben, Ruins Magus, and Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat offer diverse experiences, showcasing the genre’s ability to transport you to cozy seaside towns, magical guilds, and concert stages. The anticipated release of Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable promises an exhilarating addition to this vibrant landscape.

Join our Anime Discord Community to dive deeper into the world of anime, share your experiences, and connect with fellow otakus. The adventure continues, and the digital wonderland awaits your exploration! 🌟🎮✨

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